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dink dunk 2013年12月28日下午7:03
Quills and inkwells
I need some help finding quills and inkwells for the bookholder pouches. Does anyone know of any locations?
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TheCryo_Hazard 2013年12月29日下午3:03 
Just go into the library area in the college of winterhold. there should be an orc that says: "Idon't want you touching any of these books" or "Don't mess up these books". Something like that...
Jowber 1月1日下午11:34 
They are scattered all over Skyrim. Just keep an eye out for them in buildings!
Bishop 1月15日下午8:24 
I have the same problem, I looked in every shop in whiterun and riverwood I looked in every cabinet and searched everywhere in these two citys, even dragons reach the entire castle, cant seem to find any inkwells or quills anywhere.

Again I have looked in every shop, every house, even tried pickpocketing people to see if maybe they had any on them but still nothing. Got tons of paper though.
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|TPG|$teve 6月7日上午9:26 
winter hold at school of ♥♥♥♥♥s

ароматы ванили 6月21日上午10:37 
[][Papaco Rachacuca][] 8月18日上午4:02 
Sneak into The Thalmor Embassy
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