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Error when launching game "No entry RscStaminaBar.idd"
I get this error everytime I launch the game:
"No entry

The error comes up over the main menu, or while its connecting to a server (if you joined the server from the launcher).
Only happens when ShackTac UI, CBA and Ace are loaded.
It's annoying since takes a while after the game has loaded before I can click on the error to dismiss it.
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I have posted in the comments about this error. I also get this error and all the members of my unit too. And yes, we use CBA and ACE too.
Yeah,I saw your comment. I figured I would make a discussion so it's easier to track replies. It also helps to have the error message written out in full so it shows in a search.

CBA is required by ShackTac, and the error doesn't appear with just those 2 mods loaded. Looks like it may be a conflict or something with ace
I didn't mean anything bad when I said that I made a comment about this. It was a good move to make a detailed discussion thread about this and hopefully we can get an official answer back. Other people have the same issue as I've seen in the comments. I do also believe it may be a conflict with the Ace mod or the Enhanced Movement mod that also has a stamina bar and we use in my unit. But it's probably a conflict with Ace.
Its definitely ACE. I just tested by launching with just ShackTac, CBA and Arma Enhanced Movement - no error.
Hopefully, we will get an offical reply soon.
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