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Catman  [developer] Jul 17, 2015 @ 3:28am
,Age FAQs
I am putting here some answers to common questions about .Age! Thanks for the feedback!

Q: Why won't my Pips produce?
A: The game is turn-based, so make sure you click on the sun after you finish your turn to get your new resources!

Q: Why is the research tree hidden at the start?
A: Because each playthrough has different buildings and Pips will discover them as you play.

Q: Won't this limit my planning?
A: With experience, you can guess at what you may encounter by looking at initial buildings. For example, if you see a Wheatfield, you will likely also encounter a Bakery, or a Brewery.

Q: Will the village be exapandable?
A: As a design choice, the game is focused on a small, secluded village.
However, some limited expansion may be available by cutting down trees.

Q: Will there be other villages we can trade with?
A: Trade will be available through a special mechanic, but you won't be able to see or access other villages.
You will just know that they exist somewhere, and you may get a visit from wandering merchants!

Q: Please add event/building/resource X
A: I'd love to! Feel free to suggest and I'll see what I can do!