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QuantumChaosGames  [developer] Jun 20 @ 2:47pm
Possible avatars.
Aside from base male and female ballbots, what other avatars you would like to see? Please share your ideas. The wackier, the better!
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RedGuy42 Jun 20 @ 8:34pm 
Game console (Xbox or gamecube or ps3) Game controllers (Xbox 360, nintendo 64, Nes controller), and food ( Walking hamburger, donut, and maybe even soda can). Man im hungry.
RedGuy42 Jun 20 @ 8:34pm 
Oh and computer mouse
cliftonjisawesome Jul 22 @ 12:21pm 
Wall-e and EVE
QuantumChaosGames  [developer] Jul 22 @ 4:03pm 
That's awesome idea, but I'm afraid we'll get sued if we use them.
Last edited by QuantumChaosGames; Jul 23 @ 5:36am
RedGuy42 Jul 29 @ 8:06pm 
make a knock off of them. Like Wall-V or EV. or something like that
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