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Forsaken Uprising
ImminentUprising  [developer] Aug 2 @ 4:48pm
Alpha Test Server Now Open!!!
Alpha Test Server Now Open!!!
Hello Everyone!

We are happy to announce that we now have an alpha server available for people to log in and check the game out. This is our first open test so keep in mind there will be chance of lag/bugs, but we have done extensive testing so it should be a great experience for all. We use dropbox to distribute the client, the link is here:

1. download the zip file
2. unzip the file
3. click the alphaclient.exe
4. enter your name within 10 seconds or you will need to restart the client and login again. (this is a temporary issue until we have the lobby installed which will be a completely different login method.)

that's it and you should be able to log in, if you have any initial problems try using a lower screen resolution or lower quality setting. Keep in mind this is a test server so reboots/server wipes/and other things could happen. Also there currently is an object pooling memory leak that builds up over time restarting client occasionally should help prevent client crashes until it's resolved.

Thanks so much for your patience, we will be logged in as well so just chat any bugs you find and we will make a note of it.

See you soon!
Robert Romine
Digital Homicide Studios
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xXWarcryXx Aug 2 @ 11:54pm 
[BST]Dingby Aug 3 @ 9:05am 
Download reported and blocked by chrome as malware.
ImminentUprising  [developer] Aug 3 @ 9:08am 
you have to adjust advanced settings in chrome to download, its like phishing something checkbox. if you use Internet explorer there's no issue. If you want to use chrome like i did you just have to turn that checkbox off for the download then just turn it back on. This is due to it being a zipped executible, we did this to save upload and download time.
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Zap430 Aug 3 @ 10:28am 
I got the download to work but when i go to launch the game everything goes fine till i get to the loiading screen then it just goes black and crashes
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ImminentUprising  [developer] Aug 3 @ 11:06am 
just logged in on my wifes computer which is not a gaming pc. servers up and it ran fine. So im thinking maybe you need to make sure you extracted the zip files to the same folder or just put them all on your desktop think theres only 4. if you can't get to the powered by unity screen then this is probably because your files are not in the same spot so the executible cannot access the game files to start the game. Also if you still have problems try a lower graphics setting, but like i said my wifes comp is not a gaming pc and it can run the game on fantastic setting.
bandit264 Aug 5 @ 7:38am 
is there night becasue the world seems to be really dark the entire time
ImminentUprising  [developer] Aug 7 @ 4:59pm 
Originally posted by bandit264:
is there night becasue the world seems to be really dark the entire time
We have been messing with day night cycle as its been finicky lately. we will have it ironed out here soon before launch.
[Fegs] Matte Aug 11 @ 2:52am 
Has the file been deleted ?
ImminentUprising  [developer] Aug 11 @ 3:04am 
we currently have been working towards our release on this coming wednesday. The client is now intergrated with steam so we have discontinued the testing until post launch. Thanks so much for your interest sorry we didnt update info about the test client, its been a scramble with just two of us.
It's wednesday, any news? Also, how much will the game cost? Thanks fellas, looking forward to trying this out as I'm a long time medieval sandbox player (ultima online, mortal online). All the luck to you both!
ImminentUprising  [developer] Aug 13 @ 3:26pm 
our server provider has left us hanging, we are in the process of finding another solution. Best case scenario tomorrow worst case friday afternoon. will be updating our community hub from here out. check out our official group and forums. thanks for your interest and support!
Zap430 Aug 13 @ 3:49pm 
After playing alpha for a few days close to a week i have to say this game seems very fun kinda like a Rust medevil but its sad that you keep getting setbacks but im sure you will get them fixed so other people can try this game
Bortukaly Sep 3 @ 5:20pm 
it says that has been moved or excluded..
Shafylus Sep 8 @ 2:25pm 
and my key! I send a email!
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