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Space Ranger ASK
The Mojo Collective  [developer] Jun 5 @ 12:05pm
Space Ranger ASK Q&A
Just thought I'd start a thread, in case anyone had any questions about our game. Fire away!
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connor1578 Jun 6 @ 7:51pm 
good looking game
Buster Grundle Jun 6 @ 8:59pm 
I saw a lot about customizing the levels, how much can you customize the ship? This is looking awesome by the way.
does look cool
The Mojo Collective  [developer] Jun 6 @ 11:46pm 
Thanks, really glad you guys like it! =)

There's not a lot of customization options to the player ship itself, other than to provide a lot of powerups during gameplay, which will upgrade the weapons and stuff. Also, you can decide if it should cast a shadow or not, and you can attach a permanent tractor beam and control which objects it should tractor in =) Great fun if you for the player to tractor in enemies lol.
быдлошкольник Jun 9 @ 4:01am 
Hi all, where game release?
быдлошкольник Jun 9 @ 4:04am 
Oh, sorry me for stupid question, this game is already available :)
The Mojo Collective  [developer] Jun 9 @ 4:32am 
Hehe, no problem =) Yes, it's available at Desura, and the Windows 8 App store.

Desura :

Windows 8 App Store :

And we're currently working on the Android version, which should be ready soon.

Showing 1-7 of 7 comments
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