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MIND: Path to Thalamus
IntheDark 3 apr 2014 om 4:41nm
Gnu/Linux (and SteamOS) support?
Hi there!

Is Linux support planned or already included?
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Carlos Coronado (MIND: PTT dev)  [ontwikkelaar] 4 apr 2014 om 6:34vm 
Unfortunately, the engine we are currently using does not offer support for Linux.
IntheDark 4 apr 2014 om 9:12vm 
It's a shame...
DrMcCoy 4 apr 2014 om 2:05nm 
Aren't you using the Unreal Engine? https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/41-update-preview :)
DrMcCoy 4 apr 2014 om 2:28nm 
Ah, I see you're using Unreal Engine 3. Any chance of updating to 4 for Linux support?

Somewhat related, Valve's OpenGL debugger vogl apparently just gained support for Unreal Engine 4 callstreams: http://richg42.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/vogl-support-for-unreal-engine-4.html , which might be helpful to you then. :P
L4D15 4 apr 2014 om 5:03nm 
If there was some kind of import function in Unreal Engine 4 for projects made in Unreal Engine 3 that would be awesome. Otherwise, that would mean to remake the whole game in the new engine.
generic 4 apr 2014 om 11:09nm 
No Linux is a deal breaker for me... I find I use Windows less and less. On the Steam Store I rarely look at games that don't have SteamOS/Linux support.
EPIC VOID 5 apr 2014 om 5:58vm 
Origineel geplaatst door Krateos:
Unfortunately, the engine we are currently using does not offer support for Linux.

Remarkable how fast interest in a game can vanish completely.
*Going away*
Carioca 5 apr 2014 om 7:34vm 
Unreal engine 4.1 will have support for Linux and SteamOS
use the 4.1 have support for linux

SteamOS is coming

read this article the founder of Epic Games:
L4D15 5 apr 2014 om 2:23nm 
This is made in Unreal Engine 3, not Unreal Engine 4. I haven't used UE4, but I doubt it has an "Import UE3 project..." option, which means it's a bit difficult to port the game to UE4 as far as I know, because it would mean to make the game again. If I'm missing something here, please, point it out and tell to Carlos so he can think about it.
[LnX]leillo1975 7 apr 2014 om 2:58vm 
+1 for SteamOS/Linux version. If you develop the game for my platform I will vote YES, if you don't I vote NO
Micha 7 apr 2014 om 3:03vm 
Thumb once Linux is confirmed =)
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Kazzy 9 apr 2014 om 11:42vm 
It's a pretty video and relaxing music, but sadly, that's all I'll ever see of your game as I use Linux exclusively. Sorry. :(
Carlos Coronado (MIND: PTT dev)  [ontwikkelaar] 10 apr 2014 om 3:52vm 
We will do our best to port it to Linux but if our engine doesn't support it, then there's nothing to do. Sorry guys :(
DrMcCoy 10 apr 2014 om 4:25vm 
Sure. Jusr saying, if there is an easy way to convert your Unreal Engine 3 project to Unreal Engine 4 (not that I know much about either), that would probably be the best route, I guess.
HappyDave 13 apr 2014 om 2:02vm 
+1 port to Linux ;)
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