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Xeno Galaxies
LiamD 7 apr 2014, ore 1:47
About the Linux version
You state Linux support on your page, but does a Linux version already exist or will it come out at some-point after Windows?
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Razmot  [sviluppatore] 12 apr 2014, ore 19:38 
I'll make the next prealpha build work on windows mac and linux. Do you think I should focus on Ubuntu or SteamOS first ?

LiamD 13 apr 2014, ore 2:33 
Ubuntu currently would have a bigger userbase, but whatever you build should work on both anyway.
Razmot  [sviluppatore] 13 apr 2014, ore 21:15 
yeah it 'should' work but as long as it was not tested I assume it doesn't work - got few years of experience with murphy's law :p
LiamD 14 apr 2014, ore 1:17 
Well deffo go for Ubuntu first, then SteamOS.
Nanobang 15 lug 2014, ore 15:08 
Vote numero dos for Ubuntu. Thanks for the Linux port, I'm going to follow your very ambitious, very exciting project.
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