iNeed - Food Water and Sleep
Valtros Apr 30, 2014 @ 8:48am
An Honest Review from a Well-Versed Modder
This is mostly for the author, but to anyone who plans to try out this mod, and wants to make sure that it's worth your time, you might want to listen up son.

I've used 100+ mods on Skyrim, and I currently use 76 on one save file alone. I've seen several mods and out of all of them, iNeed is, by far, the most immersion building mod out there. We all started out in Skyrim doing all the fun things thinking they were necesarry. We all cooked and ate food, stayed in inns, slept in beds and drank wine and ale. However, we all soon realized that it was all a waste of our time. This is the mod that turned that all around.

With iNeed, you're not a slave to food and drink, and you're not finding yourself worn out and entirely hindered by sleep deprivation. What you are, is a living being, like you always wanted to be :) You occasionally find yourself having a drink, having dinner, and going to bed after a long days trek. When you neglect these things for a bit, you don't lose a whole lot, in fact, the effects are minor, and don't ruin dungeon exploring and long trips for you.

To summarize what happens when you add this mod, I say this: Think of the taverns, inns and warm cozy places you've crossed in your adventures. Remember how there was never any reason to visit them outside of a quest or when you're looking for work? With iNeed, you find yourself visiting such places on occasion. You'll stop into fine establishments for a hearty meal and a good ale. You'll have a drink of water while you're out hiking, and when you reach a well, you'll take a moment to refill your water supply. Maybe you've been out of town for a while, no problem, most people in Skyrim would be happy to lend you some water from their stores if you spare a few coins or ask nicely.

I could go on, but that could last all day. In short: iNeed is fantastic. I got the most out of it by banning fast travel from use, and by using a camping mod along-side iNeed. It truly is the gateway to full-on game immersion. Not only does this mod make you feel a little more like a living being, it also makes you a bit more sociable and interested in the places of Skyrim.

If all that wasn't enough, the mod is also lore friendly. Wood-Elves (Known Cannibals) can eat the flesh of their prey, including humans, to fulfill their hunger needs. The detail is beyond my expecations.

This mod deserves an A+ and I'm happy to give it one. I recommend this mod for EVERYONE who plays Skyrim, it will truly improve the experience endlessly.

I would like to hear from others on the matter, and how they feel this mod improved the gameplay, feel free to add to the discussion.

[UPDATE] August 30th, 2014

Since this review I've racked up 150+ played mods, and I currently use 98 at once. iNeed has withstood the test of time for me.

Even now as I use Frostfall, Hunterborn and Fishing in Skyrim from the Skyrim Nexus, iNeed has remained fully compatible the entire way through. Thanks to the weight method of food replenishment, iNeed is compatible with all food added to the game through mods. Truly, this mod is conflict free for many other mods.

You'll not be dissapointed, nor will you be overwhelmed by this mod, you'll just enjoy Skyim more, I certainly have and will continue to for time to come.

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Shady Morais Jun 29, 2014 @ 4:38am 
I too i'm really impressed with this mod! very well done and immersive
[GLaDOS Bonnie Lord]Nightreign2 Aug 30, 2014 @ 9:33pm 
I agree with this, but I also have a question: What was the name of the camping mod you used with it and if it is not on the workshop, what site is it on?
Valtros Aug 30, 2014 @ 10:15pm 
Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger, Outstanding Mod, very immersive. I use Frostfall now from the Skyrim Nexus, which includes a seperate camping system, but since they were compatible, I kept using Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger because I like it.
[GLaDOS Bonnie Lord]Nightreign2 Aug 30, 2014 @ 11:12pm 
ok thanks
Jewgle Jan 16 @ 8:32pm 
I was on the fence with either this or another mod for hunger. Your post convinced me use this one. Thanks man.
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