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Mini Metro
timinycricket Mar 16, 2014 @ 1:03am
My suggestions.
- Instead of getting upgrades based on time elapsed in the game add a currency (it would be neat if it was the currency of the country the city the map is based on is in) that you get more of as passengers are dropped off. In addition to this it would be amazing if the amount of money you got for a customer was dependent on how satisfied they were with their trip (based on how long the wait was, and how long the journey was). Money can be used to buy upgrades and upgrades you have can be sold back for a portion of what you paid for them.

- As well as the ability to have more lines and more trains per line, it would be cool if there was an upgrade which reduced (or removed) the tunnel speed penalty for a line. I also believe train speed and additional carriages should be split into two different upgrades. The other upgrade idea I had ties in with the money/customer satisfaction suggestion: station comfort and train comfort. One reduces customer anger over waiting too long in the station and the other reduces dissatisfaction with the length of their journey.

- An approval rating system. Instead of the player losing if the customers wait too long in the station they leave it after a certain amount of time and each time a passenger leaves your approval rating drops a small amount. Each time a passenger is satisfied with their trip, your approval rating rises a tiny bit (less than how much it would drop for a customer leaving). If your approval rating drops too low you lose and have to start over, but if you keep it high then you get bonuses like increased profits or possibly unlocking new types of upgrades to buy (or maybe once it gets to a certain point you win the map and unlock a new one).

- Eventually, it would be cool if you implemented a map-making tool and allowed users to share their custom maps with each other.

Hope you like, and good luck getting published!
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Ender May 25, 2014 @ 7:34am 
And ad some songs with the game ...
The Bearded Brit Jun 9, 2014 @ 5:09pm 
I don't know about adding a currency system, I rather like the minimalistic approach the game currently has. Though I wouldn't mind the ability to unlock new or interesting upgrades. Some kind of approval system would be good though, the one-strike system currently means you're guaranteed to lose once you hit a tight spot.
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