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Mini Metro
Wombats_&Co. Mar 12 @ 11:21pm
Difficulty Idea
So, loving this game so far! Just started playing (the demo) tonight, but the idea struck me and I can't see a reason it'd go wrong so I thought I'd mention it:

Difficulty would be easy to put in simply through number of station types.You don't have to do anything more crazy than that - just say "in easy you will only get Circle and Triangle stations, in Medium you will also get Squares, Stars, and Fans, and in Hard you'll get /all/ the types.

I was finding myself wanting to have an easy mode to try to get better at route-layout without it cracking down on me for doing a bad job at interspersing the different station types.

Anyhow. Just an idea, by a random player. Liking the game so far, and it'd be awesome to see on steam, O Developer!
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Apteryx Magnus Mar 15 @ 7:01pm 
That's a pretty good idea!
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