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Ratha Wynter Aug 20, 2014 @ 11:35am
Really nice little gem, but a few questions and issues.
First off i want to say that i was very surprised at what SanctuaryRPG was. I had seen screenshots of it over the years and thought that it looked interesting but never sat down to try it. After watching quill18 on youtube play the first few levels last night, figured that i would try it out. It was more interesting than i thought for being the kind of game it is. The music was good, the art well done.. even the story had a little going for it and there were plenty of fun references throughout.

My only qualms with it as a game are that the attacks seem to be identical between classes for the most part. All of the display numbers are the same or similar. The first two opening attack choices seem to always be 50% + stat modifier, and 200% + take damage. And their combos are likewise almost identical between classes, just that they have different names and have very slightly different mechanics or status effects based on your class. This was a bit of a detractor and made the classes feel quite similar to me as if they were just copy/pasted.

Another thing i noticed was that for the life of me, i was -never- able to predict how much damage i was going to do, health i was going to have after a fight, or mana based on the display numbers. Some attacks say that they do damage to you, yet they never seem to do that much damage, sometimes they do 50 damage to you (including the enemy attack?) and sometimes they do 500. Some attacks say that they do 500% damage to the enemy, yet another attack that also says it does 500% seems to do 3-4 times more damage than the other one, always.

Sometimes when i use my skills that are supposed to cost 20 mana like heal, instead i actually gain mana. Or maybe i only lose 2 mana. Regen might account for some of this, but the numbers -never- seem add up as far as i can tell. Even at the very low levels of the game before you have any special abilities or gear. For example, i just tested: My combat display says i do 53-88 damage. With a 500% attack my battle log says i did 528 damage at level 2 with a non-crit "hit" and no weapon masteries assigned. 53-88 * 500% = 265-440 I cant account for the extra ~100% damage. Maybe a bug with the newest 1.1.8 version?

Maybe someone or the Dev can explain the combat system a little better? I couldnt seem to find any information which accounted for these discrepancies. The game would be -much- more enjoyable if the numbers in the combat window actually made sense, or if there was a log in which you could see what actually happened between rounds to understand what was giving you all these bonuses/benefits/heals/mana regen.

Its still a fun little game, but what would make it into a -great- game would be for the combos between characters to not be so samey in terms of stats (which dont actually seem to equate to what they say anyway.) If they are actually different maybe someone could explain whats going on or how they're different, or if theres just a huge bug in the new version or what.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read.
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Black Shell Media LLC  [developer] Aug 21, 2014 @ 10:38pm 
Thank you so much for the detailed post!

The attack values are a bit bugged right now, but we're actively trying to fix them as they crop up.

The differences between classes are being worked on--playstyles between each class do differ due to passives and certain moves regaining more or less MP than others, but as you've mentioned, they aren't completely different, as all classes share roughly the same style of moves. We are planning to remedy this somewhere down the line.

We really appreciate the feedback, and will continue to make improvements to the game! Please don't hesitate to post on our subreddit ( if you have more ideas to contribute, we'd love to hear them!
Ratha Wynter Aug 22, 2014 @ 2:52am 
Thanks for taking the time to reply! I went back and did a bit more playing and found that the classes do differ a little bit more difference than initially thought, even if most of their numbers seemed to be similar. As you say however they do roughly follow the same style (and pattern) of moves, typically. Will be interesting to see how and if that changes as time goes along.

Will wait around for a couple of patches before delving too much deeper in hopes that some of the stat related issues can be ferreted out, but so far what ya got here is quite a charmer. Its quite surprising to see just what can be done with a BBS-style game just by adding a few modern touches, is a real throwback to the early days and did a good job at eating up an afternoon of mine. The combo system is refreshing and a fairly fun idea, i only hope that it will be expanded upon and differentiated further between classes as time goes on. Its pretty exciting to see such an old school concept get this kind of 'remake.' It shows just how much effort has been put into making Sanctuary something special.

Also for what its worth, i wanted to point out how great it is to see youtube videos and pictures on your website. I run across so many games (rogues and indies in particular) that developers post on a forum somewhere or even on their own websites but they fail to create any sort of accompanying media which supports their development. Having this kind of supportive material really goes a -long- way towards self-promotion. Pictures obviously dont tell the whole story or do the best job at describing gameplay, but they can show a surprising amount of detail sometimes and absolutely entice potential players in. (That is unless you are any 3d game on steam, in which case you are entitled to take as many screenshots that are not representative gameplay as possible and pretend that your game exists completely without any sort of interface whatsoever.)

Do you have any sort of blog with regards to development updates or plans regarding the game, update history, changelogs, news? Or is it mostly just strewn about reddit thread at this time?
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Black Shell Media LLC  [developer] Aug 25, 2014 @ 1:12am 
Thank you for the kind words! Updates are mostly just on reddit for the time being. :)
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