The Double Healix
[CJC] VillarrealStudios Nov 20, 2013 @ 4:40pm
Since it's called The Doulble Healix, I would make it heal by twice as much, but make it -25 or -30 percent overheal. Just an idea. Comment your suggestions. (BTW: I love this weapon.)
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41st_Rimfire_Division Apr 7 @ 6:24pm 
Well more like no overheal because twice the heal rate is kinda messed up and add a 10% movement speed to the target and healer

And the Uber Would make you take only half of the damage of whatever hit you and still heal you twice as fast
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Lord.Insanity.Core {active} Apr 24 @ 6:07am 
well without Über it woud act like a normal medigun the Über woud generate faster the more assists you get and over the Über % is a number of assists the more you get the faster Über generates the cons are that ther is NO overheal and healing targets cant do mini or normal crits
and it heals 5% slower and jes i am german thats why i write Über not Uber ps the medigun looks awesome
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Pootis Bird Jul 19 @ 3:05pm 
+50% heal rate
+30% charge rate
+40% more over heal rate
Can't heal any faster class
Can't heal a medic
On uber: Heals you and the target fully and after the charge you and your target have 2000 health (over heal health)
carloscastillojavier Dec 13 @ 6:39pm 
-Heal 2 objectives at time ( the objective and another near)
-35% heal rate
-25 heal to the porter
-On uber: heal 15/s to all near objectives for 25 secs (only allies)(no overheal)
-have an overcharge line of 30, if gets to the maximum cant heal over 10 secs, if you stop heal in 5 secs it reduce the overcharge 2 per second
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