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The Stomping Land
Mister Awesome May 24 @ 8:50am
Server Max 16 Players?
From the live streams, looks like the servers only hold 16 players at a time. Is this going to be the max? If it's not at least 50 then I won't be playing, sorry.
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§µβLIƝE ツ May 24 @ 9:33am 
it will be changed...
Mister Awesome May 24 @ 10:34am 
Do we know what it will be changed to?

Not to be a pain, but that number will determine whether or not my clan invests any time in this game. I mean if I have a clan of 10 people, and the server only allows 30, it's not going to be very competitive.
Montologist May 24 @ 12:39pm 
it's 16 players for this week people will be able to rent servers with up to probably 50-75 people would be my guess
partyrock1365 May 24 @ 5:37pm 
right now they dont want the servers crashing lots of bugs when they can remove the problems they said the server will hold a max 64
Mister Awesome May 24 @ 5:47pm 
Okay cool, 64 sounds good.
Afaro Ninja May 27 @ 3:47pm 
64 people per server? So could this mean that up to 8 tribes can be formed (every 1 tribe holds eight people if the the players split up the server population evenly)? But i doubt such equal matches will happen on a server.
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partyrock1365 May 27 @ 8:04pm 
yea and from what i've seen (backer) most people A. make their own totem so usally one per person or dont join one at all and play for the fun of it killing people
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