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The Mandate
E. Mar 5, 2014 @ 1:42pm
5K pledger
Alright so I pledged 5k towards this game, With my pledge. I worked it out with the dev team that I can design my own mini faction and a semi customized ship. I liked this option over the two allows me to mess around with more stuff.

Now I am gathering ideas here, basically I am making my faction to be something like the Russian FSB for those of you who don't know what that is basically The Internal Troops of Russia kind of like secret police.

So what do you guys think on how I should do this, note like I said suggestions are welcome I have my own naturally. But basically I will be designing alot of stuff the captains, squadrons how they fight their tactics etc A crap ton of work.

So lets hear it
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Military camouflage - Sinds its a internal army from russia why dont you use one of the Military Flags flag colors, even ... they all look horrible for color concept
Stealth technology - ?Spies? they harder to hit or harder to see? because mirco Nano color evasion where the color of the back ground is printed on the suits? hell just throwing some stuff
Feint or diversionary attacks
Electronic warfare
Electronic countermeasures
Hit-and-run tactics
Reserved demolitions
Scorched earth
Booby traps
Shock tactics
Ambush tactics
Infiltration tactics
- sinds you know they secret police they Play dirty they have to win at all costs they want to win at all costs, maby they are disguised as civil Firgate Act like civils, so they got most likely attacked by pirates?
they have Rapid reaction force, High intellect and fighting skills but bad diplomatic skills because they like do everything for their faction and dont take orders from others?

They do not like the Frontal assault because they are a sercet police,
They are beter fighters in smaller groups than bigger groups,

They got a multiplier for
Infiltration tactics
Hit-and-run tactics
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