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Dragons of Elanthia
Satyrikal  [개발자] 2013년 10월 31일 오후 3시 58분
Ask an Artist
I wanted to introduce myself to the community. I'm Satyr, I'm an artist at Simutronics working on Dragons of Elanthia. I specialize in Concept Art and 3d modeling. As a Concept Artist I helped contribute to the look of some of the various dragons and riders in the game.
I would love to answer your questions about the art process and what it takes to create a dragon in Elanthia. There are some fun and unique dragons, riders and environments planned and we are looking for your feedback. We are really excited and appreciate everyone's support and enthusiasm.
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Zarizav 2013년 11월 1일 오전 1시 12분 
I was looking at the concept art gallery and the screenshots on the website. Wow you guys are incredible. I once bought a little book that was a guide to drawing a dragon and I managed to scribble up dozens of the ugliest creatures I've ever seen. But as for some ideas for new dragons what about Chaos dragons, or drakes as most of the currents one are stated, and Ethereal drakes? Not quite sure of what their abilities would be but it's somewhere to start from and I'll give it some thought as well. Best of luck to you guys!
Satyrikal  [개발자] 2013년 11월 1일 오전 9시 39분 
@Zarizav Thank you so much! Are you still drawing? As you can imagine we have a ton of fun creating these beasties! When we first begin concepts they are pretty much nothing but ugly scribbles as well just trying to get the basic silhouette before going into detail. We really want to make sure each dragon is unique and different than the others and that their shape is recognizable
at a distance. Chaos and Ethereal Dragons are very cool. We have some Dragons currently in development I think you may really get excited about if you like those types. Keep your eyes peeled to the skies my friend and thanks for the feedback.
Reckless  [개발자] 2013년 11월 1일 오후 7시 27분 
@Zarizav Cole here, another 3D artist at Simutronics. Just wanted to say thank you for the kind words! I love the idea of an ethereal dragon. Would be a really neat combo with our soul-stealing Lich rider, which we just revealed. Check him out on our site, and keep the ideas coming!
Reckless님이 마지막으로 수정; 2013년 11월 2일 오전 11시 32분
Lucarii 2013년 11월 2일 오전 5시 43분 
How long does it take to make the 3D models? I used to own Z Brush but was hopeless with it.
CCroder  [개발자] 2013년 11월 2일 오전 9시 37분 
Don’t worry, Everyone who picks up Zbrush starts out hopeless! The characters take between 4-7 days to sculpt depending on their complexity. Dragons are a much greater challenge and can run up to a week and a half. Of course these time frames can vary quite a bit depending on the model, some are easier than others.

If you are still interested in learning I will be streaming my Zbrush work starting Monday, answering questions and explaining some of my workflow as I go.

Tune in at
Zarizav 2013년 11월 7일 오후 2시 22분 
@Satyrikal Currently, I am not drawing. I am attending Arizona State University hoping to major in Biological Sciences. Although I could probably dig up that book I used to use as a guideline and begin anew. I've always wanted to be capable of creating excellent drawings but have always fallen away. Just recently I had to draw out a double helix model of DNA and I was a little ashamed of how it turned out. In high school I did attend a general arts class that I unfortunately could not finish because I had to transfer schools. But the class was a lot of fun, especially playing with the digital art programs they had on the computers with digital sketch pads attached to them.
Satyrikal  [개발자] 2013년 11월 8일 오후 6시 41분 
@Zarizav Never know when those art skills will come in handy huh? LOL Yes, Wacom Cintiqs and other digital sketch pads take just a bit to get used to if you never used them I can't believe I ever worked without them. Best of luck at school!
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