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Anarchy Arcade
Genotype Jim Feb 9, 2014 @ 2:18am
My ideas for AA + Video Tour
First let me say how much I love the program, I can’t wait to see this go mainstream. From playing so far I have a few suggestions. Please don’t take this as criticism. I know you must have 1000’s of things to do, here is just my thoughts on what could be added.
Thanks again,

Anarchy Arcade Ideas

A ‘Keep Aspect Ratio’ function for Images, cabinet screens etc as anything that isn’t either 4:3 or 16:9 gets stretched or warped

A ‘Snap To’ function with walls and items so you can connect and arrange props/cabinets. Imagine stacking the ‘Big Speakers’ exactly on top of each other or aligning them 1 foot away from two corners of a room.

‘Hold and Rotate’. (EDIT - ok I can see an early version of this is being implemented).

Poster/portrait style frame needs to source a portrait image instead of stretching a landscape image. Also if selecting a custom poster this should not override the landscape image when you click full screen as it stretches the poster to landscape (perhaps there needs to be another category).

‘Multi select’ + ‘Arrange many’- I would love to be able to grab 5 cabinets, select a wall and have a selection of formats to auto arrange them in (e.g. left justified, center, right justified, evenly spread, etc.)

‘Spawn Many’ – this would be especially important for importing a whole folder of movies. Combine with ‘Multi select’ + ‘Arrange many’

Movies need to auto search file name only. Now we have to edit the title before the database can find it. Also if the title isn’t changed before searching, you have to delete the cabinet and start again as the menu buttons don’t come back after it can’t find the movie.

Resolution: I use 2560x1440 and while the engine accommodates this, the web screens are at a much lower res.

The browser currently doesn’t work with Google images for me. I can click on an image but it won’t respond to ‘show page’ or ‘show image’ and I have to alt+tab out to chrome and get the url from there.

V-Sync – How do I get it working? In game doesn’t respond and I can’t find how to enable it in Nvidia control.

The Next XBMC – I really mean this. I could see myself walking through my movie and tv collection by year or series rooms/walls. A cabinet/frame that had metadata on the side (like the frame that has a poster on its right) would be great. This would obviously need to be incorporated with some kind of auto cabinet placer so you could select a whole folder and have each series thrown up on a wall or multi-screen display (like I’ve seen in E3 PAX map).

OK enough for now. I hope these ideas help you with your game.

Keep up the good work!!!

Video to come soon...
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Genotype Jim Feb 9, 2014 @ 3:04am 
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Genotype Jim Feb 9, 2014 @ 5:11am 
Also, can I get a hint as to how to unlock the double phaser? Cheers!
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