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Anarchy Arcade
gingerbreadman45 Jan 26 @ 12:50pm
when i go to put a game down nothing show. and then when i look for one it won't work ether
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soniccombe1 Jan 26 @ 12:54pm 
peress f1 for the totaler and it well show you have to get the game
SM Sith Lord  [developer] Jan 27 @ 8:58am 
Does the Library Browser menu come up but it is empty? Or does nothing happen at all?
gingerbreadman45 Jan 27 @ 1:11pm 
it come up empty and then when i go to pick a game it says no such inference found
SM Sith Lord  [developer] Jan 27 @ 2:16pm 
I'm not quite clear as to where things start to go wrong.

So, after you load up SMARCADE: Anarchy Edition and click on the PLAY button to load up the apartment map, you middle click to bring up the Library Browser, correct?

Is the list in the Library Browser empty for you?
gingerbreadman45 Jan 27 @ 4:12pm 
SM Sith Lord  [developer] Jan 27 @ 7:22pm 
Ok, and how do you get it to give the "No Such Interface Found" error? What game do you pick and where do you pick it from?
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gingerbreadman45 Jan 28 @ 3:39am 
i tried all my games from my steam folder to the ones i has on my desktop.
SM Sith Lord  [developer] Jan 28 @ 5:53am 
Alright, I think I am understanding what is happening now.

To make all of your Steam games appear in your library, bring down the Developer's Console with ~ and use this command:
getmysteamgames 1

Now, after you load up a map and middle click, your Steam games will show up in the Library Browser. You must choose your Steam Games from the Library Browser; manually adding them will not work because many Steam games depend on Steam to launch.

As far as games not working when you added them with the Browse button, it is likely that you were either trying to choose Steam games that required Steam to to launch (and therefor must be spawned through the Library) or something went wrong when you specified your options.

Here are a very very short tutorials that will show you have to spawn some common stuff:

Spawning a Steam Game:
Spawning a Non-Steam Game:
Spawning a Picture:
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gingerbreadman45 Jan 29 @ 12:15pm 
thank you
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