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The Fall
I love it!
I love the way this sounds, is there any chance of a co-op or multiplayer? Or steam workshop integration? That would make this perfect.
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Hypnoslave  [sviluppatore] 11 set 2013, ore 13:19 
Hmm to be honest, I hadn't considered it before. I would say that no, there almost certainly won't be multiplayer... but now that you mention it, the idea of a short bit of co-op might be quite interesting. I'll keep it in mind.. Thanks for the suggestion! As far as steam workshop, same situation. perhaps a long while into the future, but for now, no plans.
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hi :)
Looks nice, voted up :)
Looks promissing... voted up.
The tone of this is very interesting. Voted up, hope i can play soon :D
Limbo rules!
Looks promising
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