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Sgt. PitPotPatty 28 set 2013, ore 17:03
I HAVE AN IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!! who would of ever known I could think for myself!
I think that you should alow people to create worlds or structures and peoplr can submitt them on the workshop and then you can veiw that structure in the game oooooo and if yu delete a file that you have already talked to all other files nearthat one file will act like the file died and they are covering it up ooooooooooooooooooo even a better Idea you canplay with your freinds and it could merge both worlds together and have one whole new world
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Evelend  [sviluppatore] 28 set 2013, ore 17:33 
Those are all interesting ideas hahaha We are working on our community website where we'll give the users good tools for submitting ideas and report bugs etc. We are going to properly announce it when ready, but on the mean time, don't stop the creativity ;)
PotatoTomato 29 set 2013, ore 10:42 
awesome. i wonder what every other game i buy after this is going to become. after all. games are files too. what happens if i find the adventure os files? what happens?
Sgt. PitPotPatty 29 set 2013, ore 12:12 
oooooooh maybe games from steam will show up as areas and characters from the game !!!!!!!! and certain easter eggs and special quests or even locations can be made or unlocked based on certain combinations of games you have installed like maybe if you have at least 3 valve games on top of having those characters in the game as well as the locations and areas you would be able to go on a quest for the answer to why valve has not mad a third game in any of their series yet........ then again wouldn't you have to get rights for that? OH what would steam look like!!!!? so many references to games ohhhhh wait are you planning for different files to be represented differently like locations such as downloads, desktop, and libraries all being represented as towns, cities, or even counties based on the size of the location and how many files are listed under it. this game has so much potential and possibilities and this could bring a whole new type of game to the table and I definitely want to help the production of this game and I REALLY want this game but sadly I don't think I will have money by the time It could come out but I would like to test
Vervox 29 set 2013, ore 15:32 
so If I have TF2 then in one room a heavy will be mauling me, and in another Ill have a castle crasher barbarian koncking my face off? WOW, UPVOTE!
Macejohnson 29 set 2013, ore 20:31 
I like his ideals :D
Sgt. PitPotPatty 30 set 2013, ore 7:13 
oooooo what if the heavy that is mauling you is also blocking the path and killing you making him a hazard but in order to pass you have to give him a sandvich that a spy gives you after he killed a heavy for the brief case and after etting the sandvich you can give it to the heavy and that will befriend him and he can help you and follow you through your journey and even fight with you or he could say thank you al leave and maybe open up a shop in the downloads folder or he could just leave to return later in the game to help you out when you need it like that wolf from resident evil 4 ooooooo and what ever weapons and clothes you have equipped on your class for the game they will have equipped on themselves and the items you have in tf2 will be available at a MANN CO. shop along with ones you don't have yet would need but the price for ones you have are reasonably priced but one you don't you will have to pay a little more in game money
PotatoTomato 2 ott 2013, ore 9:46 
It seems i have ♥♥♥♥ed with your brains. eh?
PotatoTomato 2 ott 2013, ore 9:48 
Maybe the adventure os files is the thing the final boss is protecting. and when you go in there you do a total paradox cluster and it all blows up giving you the ability to go anywhere on your computer.
Captain Frosty 6 ott 2013, ore 11:50 
what is with the ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?
Hyoozed Joose 21 ott 2013, ore 6:46 
The last idea was cool.
Sgt. PitPotPatty 21 ott 2013, ore 6:55 
Messaggio originale di Captain Frosty:
what is with the ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?
sorry I was trying to get that OOOOOOOH AHHHHHH sound
Jellopy 11 nov 2013, ore 7:48 
The merging world ideas won´t work online.
It is security issues.

But maybe local can work.
PotatoTomato 15 nov 2013, ore 6:33 
what if.... you find a virus?
RukoJobe 16 nov 2013, ore 10:45 
desmay 17 nov 2013, ore 13:45 
Whatever a virus is it should swarm
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