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A Soft Bug 10 Out, 2013 às 1:32
Opening a new avenue for dungeon diving?
I've been wondering: could you hypothetically install the game to a small thumb drive to set that directory as your "Home Base" so to speak and then use it on other computers for INFINITE DUNGEON DIVES?

Becuase that would be awesome.
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zabodmoger 10 Out, 2013 às 7:33 
Please be a thing please be a thing please be a thing. *Crosses fingers*
Captain Frosty 10 Out, 2013 às 11:58 
... Play it at school and show off in tech XD
Evelend  [desenvolvedor] 14 Out, 2013 às 5:37 
That's a nice idea. We'll try to make the game portable so you can place it anywhere!
A Soft Bug 17 Out, 2013 às 22:22 
So awesome! You guys (and gals) rock!
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