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A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

[WGZ]Icyhate 2013. dec. 22. @ du. 11:05
Very nice idea.. although i did comment already but to make it heard.
To stop people "Cheating" with zip files, how about the value of things are proportional to how old the files are? (So brand new files are almost worthless)
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Overclocked Cache 2013. dec. 22. @ du. 11:12 
no keys, no chests. keys are dropped by killing monsters
Captain Frosty 2013. dec. 23. @ de. 4:03 
Yeah, the more zip treasure files, the more keys required, the more monsters to kill.
[WGZ]Icyhate 2013. dec. 23. @ de. 9:38 
Anonymoose 2013. dec. 23. @ du. 5:27 
It's incredibly easy to change date markers on files, the second somebody noticed this, they would have themselves a treasure chest dated back to the dark ages.
Uual 2013. dec. 24. @ de. 12:40 
Yep good idea

Evelend  [Fejlesztő] 2013. dec. 26. @ de. 7:43 
@Icyhate Yes, as you can read on the FAQ (lost in the discussions section by now... we should wring that up) , the bigger the treasure, the more keys you need, the more monster you have to defeat for that purpose :)
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