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Truck Stop
DjArcas  [Fejlesztő] 2013. szept. 7. @ de. 2:01
Some people are asking for pedestrians; but do you want humans, robots, zombies, or humans and lots of blood?
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cros1625 2013. szept. 7. @ du. 5:08 
I would say humans and zombies. Could care less about a lot of blood, maybe just for a "zombie mode?"
rrae 2013. szept. 8. @ du. 2:22 
humans and configurable amount of blood.

please no ♥♥♥♥ing zombies, it would ruin everything. there are too many zombie games already and they suck cause there is no real challenge. maybe make it a seperate game mode or something like that. also an option to be chased by (or fight against) police and military would be nice.
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KRIEG 2013. szept. 11. @ de. 3:22 
Hm...Wery good!
deepcut 2013. szept. 16. @ du. 4:34 
@rrae "no real challenge" ? this depends entirely on how the game is designed and has nothing to do with the theme or aesthetic.

As for the question of which to add, you could use them to create more thematic levels. Zombies in a night-time city scape, robots in a futuristic city, soldiers in a military base, aliens on an alien planet.
Aarki 2013. szept. 24. @ de. 2:41 
What about actual humans sitting inside the vehicles, too? You could have a game mode where you try to sling your driver out the windshield as far as possible, and smash him/her into obstacles or something like that.
AbandonadoTurboxYT 2013. szept. 30. @ du. 4:50 
Humans running from zombies (?
gc Karpuz 2013. okt. 18. @ de. 1:03 
Add all of them except robots :P
TheSmartChicken 2013. okt. 28. @ de. 5:00 
They could all be on, just counting on what level they're on. (eg. Robots are on mars.) Also they all should have a configurable amount of blood. Zombies blood is green, robots is black and so on. :D
TDK 2013. okt. 28. @ du. 2:27 
ex wives please ;)
Bateman 2013. nov. 14. @ de. 8:13 
humans please and option if someone want disable pedestrians
wesleyspipes 2013. nov. 28. @ de. 9:53 
^^ +1
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