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Ether Dynamics: New AI Test Dungeon
Killerboyo Sep 8, 2013 @ 4:12am
My experience with this mod
I originally wanted to post this on the comment section however due to Steam's 1000 character limit I will post it here. Here we go:

I've tried out this dungeon and here's my experience.

Being an archer and all, I tended to strike from afar at all times with my enachanted dragonebone bow, so before entering the main battle arena I've tried taking down the foes from the entrance. At first they were oblivious of the first few arrows penetrating their torso however after they have discovered me, I was bombarded by waves after waves of pure electricity. Even though I was relatively covered by the entrance the attacks reached me to the point I was a spark away to my demise. To my surprise and luck, neither the mages ror their poorly dressed rangers tried to push up the stairs and give the final blow. I took advantage of this situation and took cover to heal my wounds and lose their attention. After a refreshing potion of ultimate healing and a fully charged bow I've once again rained arrows upon their unsuspecting skulls until the only one breathing in that room was yours trully.
I've proudly entered the arena ready to claim the spoils of battle and then return home for a bottle of Whiterun's finest ale. The celebration was short lived when all of the sudden the corpses of my fallen enemies rose one by one ready to take revenge. They took me by surprise, thus I had to quickly take cover on the highest vantage point in that area, upstairs by a massive stone pillar. Believing I would by safe in that position I took a long breath and readied my bow for a counterattack. I've stepped up from the shadows with confidence I would make short work of them only to find a wall of electricity all around the stairway blocking my view and storm atronachs charging towards me. There was no clear shot, I've had to first dispose of the stone beings which went down quickly from a few well placed arrows. The next obstacle was the wall of lightning I've tried to quickly jump over it but with no success. I could barely step out and the painful shock crippled my movement to almost a standstill, luckily I knew a powerful healing spell learned at the Winterhold College which saved my life. I was back where I began, pinned down and surrounded on all sides. I've felt this was the end of my adventures and I was ready to shoot my last arrow until I've spotted one of the mages stepping out of cover to strike the final blow. This was my chance, I've stretched my bow to it's very limits and waited for the bold mage to come. The moment I saw his shadow cast onto the ground I've released my fiery arrow that struck his shoulder, it was too early. Fortunately for me he was staggered not too far out my cover so I've launched as many arrows as I could until he turned back into a lifeless corpse. "One down again", I said, "Now the rest!" as my blood was fueled once more with rage and determination. With my new founded courage, I've stepped out of cover firing arrow upon arrow, I did not care about pain anymore the potions and spells had that covered. With each strike their ranks were diminishing, one wildling tried to flank me from the other corner however his audacious attempt proved to be his downfall as my arrows immobilized him before he could even reach me. Due to my height advantage I could rapidly put down the rest of the offenders before they could cast any more summons or barriers.
With sweat and blood flowing all over my dragonbone armor, my fatigued body could not stand another fierce battle therefore I had to escape this perilous dungeon with my life or none at all. Before I could make a step towards the stairs to my freedom, I've heard battle cries again. Those damned mages came back along with their Forsworn allies!
There was no time to flee because I would surely be fried before I could reach the top of the stairs of the exit so I had to take cover again, this time behind a giant boulder at the base ground. The barricades of fulmination covered the battlefield again thwarting my sight and the dreaded atronachs minions closed in on all sides. I already knew their weaknesses and quickly dispatched the magical stone beings however the enemy's strategy has drastically changed. They no longer carelessly charged in on my position when I was focusing my fire on them, instead they cunningly attacked and retreated on all flanks continously gaining ground while my attention was divided. At one time, I've literally collided with one of the mages and could not aim my bow steadily to finish him off because another kept assaulting me with lightning bolts. Aside from constant aggresion, the electromancers and rangers took cover if they were spotted closing in or low on health. Due to their calculated incursions I was forced to seek refuge on higher ground, an action which proved to be a grave mistake. Without much thought I've climbed a set of stairs constantly under enemy fire and apart of all that, there was no cover when I've arrived on the top. The stone pillar was on the other side of the area and the way to it was also uncovered from enemy fire so I had to run with what was left of my stamina to reach it while shooting frantically with the remaining arrows fom my quiver. As my last arrow was placed on my overstretched bow, ready to be released, a dazzling light engulfed my vision and for a moment everything was as white as the snow of High Hrothgar. When the bright flash faded my body refused to move as Arkay's eternal hand latched onto my spirit and carried it to a realm beyond life or death.

All in all, this new AI strategy is promising and I would like to see more of your work in the future.

Good luck!
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ChopMasterOnion  [developer] Sep 8, 2013 @ 7:08am 
Wow! Thank you for the extremely detailed and dramatic recount of your experience! :D

As you discovered, my original batch of coding was mainly to counter melee fighters -- so players that use archery, ranged magic, or sneak should do well, for now. I'm glad that there were some circumstances that presented a decent challenge, though -- keep your eyes out for the next update, where I hope to re-tune everything for a wider variety of player styles.

And again, thank you for your very well written work! :)
mrdoormatt Sep 10, 2013 @ 3:35pm 
chop i love this mod!
NemesisLeon Sep 12, 2013 @ 8:10am 
Lul, dramatic storytelling. It sounded like a RP session.
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