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PULSAR: Lost Colony
Schrapple Oct 6, 2013 @ 8:18pm
Please don't be too restrictive about factions
Hi guys, absolutely love the idea (and will be heading over to throw some cash at the kick start after this). My only request is that you aren't too restrictive about the faction thing, I guess what I am asking is "can make it possible to be a privateer/civilian?". Let people earn cash and buy/upgrade their own ship (they could start out in single man ships and build up from there (paying others to crew the bigger ships for them)).

I know it isn't as easy as I've made it sound and I'm not sure what you are planning for things like an economy and ships with more or less than 5 crew members, but making it a genuine sandbox game with a truly open world where people can create their own adventure would be fantastic.

Good luck guys.