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PULSAR: Lost Colony
Dem0nGam3r 30. srp. 2013 v 2.32 odp.
Just a few suggestions.
I know you're planning to add/change tons of things, but I just wanted to offer my two cents because I like the concept (for one, I LOVE that you can actually walk around in first person, unlike many other space sims; much more immersive), and I wanted to suggest a few things that I think would improve the game overall in case you weren't planning to implement the specific features I had in mind.

Please consider the following, if you will:

I believe the ships, to better visually match their exterior scale, need to have multiple decks/levels (accessed by elevators) internally so they don't feel so "flat". The interiors feel very confined and small compared to the massive exteriors and it breaks immersion in my opinion. The bases also seem to have far fewer rooms and levels than suggested by their exteriors, and both spaceships and spacestations suffer from having perhaps just a few too many corridors.

I think there needs to be fleshed-out friendly and enemy A.I. characters that exist independently as indivudual npcs; they should be able to walk around and interact inside spaceships, or leave the ships and walk around and interact on planets just like the player so they actually feel like living entities (as opposed to ships themselves being A.I. enemies; the player should also be able to hijack or board other ships and explore/fight or interact with npcs on ships, depending on disposition of said npcs). I kind of assume this is something that was planned anyway, as I can't imagine you'd just have empty ships flying about like they're an entity in and of themselves.

There should probably be more buildings making up bases (sometimes, but not always so as to keep each base exploration unique; it's nice to have a lone research building as well occasionally).

Now, from your videos I see a huge opportunity for atmospheric suspense and horror moments in abandoned ships and bases, but I'm not sure how much you can capitalize on that without allowing for some non-realistic sci-fi boogeymen and monsters/aliens and the like. But if there's a way to add suspense and horror and still remain, at least mostly, true to a sense of believability and realism/authenticity, then you really should pursue that angle. As it's already sci-fi by the nature of the game, I don't see too much issue with a few mutants or aliens of some kind :) .

Anyway, just thought I'd speak my mind on those few things and throw some ideas out there, even if a few of them might have gone without saying.

Good luck with future development!
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