Real Daedric Artifacts (Weapons)
Ghostrunner24  [開発者] 2013年8月22日 13時52分
Other Mod Ideas
I was thinking about possibly doing another mod like this one, but for other items. I have already received some suggestions for; The Staff of Magnus, Auriel's Bow, Blade of Woe, and the Nightengale Blade, along with several others. Now, I now there are other mods like this out there, but would you guys want me to make one as well? I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
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Conn1321 2013年8月23日 12時54分 
Maybe do all named weapons in game or creat your own weapon
Amras Onronra 2013年8月25日 15時00分 
You should make a craftable soul gem that once you use it on a weapon/tool you never need to recharge it again.
Sevla 2013年8月28日 9時21分 
Yes, do a similar mod, I can't find a mod that simply adds unlimited enchantments for all unique weapons that don't change anything else, it'd be very useful.
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