Original Francis
People like grapes 2013. szept. 3. @ de. 9:28
Crashing and errors
I'm just wondering, how many other people's games are crashing due to Francis? Because I can't even get halfway through a campaign without the game randomly crashing.
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People like grapes 2013. szept. 3. @ de. 9:29 
It sometimes happens when he grabs weapons, I think. Because every time my game has crashed, it happened right as soon as Francis decided to grab a new shotgun from the safe room/house.
Noa 2013. szept. 4. @ de. 7:00 
I usually get crashes whenever he dies.
People like grapes 2013. szept. 4. @ de. 7:02 
It's weird how Francis is the only one who crashes the game though, if you play with everyone but Francis, the game works perfectly fine. I wonder what it is that makes Francis crash?
fingal 2013. szept. 4. @ de. 10:13 
I suppose it caused by incorrectly included L4D2 animations.
People like grapes 2013. szept. 4. @ du. 5:54 
What do you mean?
fingal 2013. szept. 5. @ de. 12:15 
Derpy Hooves eredeti hozzászólása:
What do you mean?
I just noticed that the model contains huge amount of l4d2 animation sequences in itself, while other survivors are using external mdls for that, like they should. Addressing to the same animation by two ways may cause troubles.
Other clue pointing to l4d2 animations is that he doesn't crash in left 4 dead one.
People like grapes 2013. szept. 5. @ de. 2:48 
Oh, I see, so you're saying that original Francis was animated wrong? Think we should tell Splinks?
fingal 2013. szept. 5. @ de. 3:56 
Apparently he knows it as it is (if he compiled the model with such tricky way there should be a good reason for that). Looks more like that fixing isn't the task number one.
People like grapes 2013. szept. 5. @ de. 4:15 
He probably has a lot on his plate then.
Splinks  [Fejlesztő] jan. 8. @ de. 11:24 
Well after many attempts I believe I have him working, even let a hunter have a hay day on him till he passed on. As of yet no crashes have been after 8 campaign runs. I will be updating this mod today
People like grapes jan. 8. @ du. 12:48 
Splinks, thank you so much, I've been waiting for a fix and it seems to have finally been delivered, good job!
People like grapes jan. 8. @ du. 2:39 
Darn, I seem to have spoken too soon, I'm still crashing from picking up defibrillators and ammo packs. Medkits are a also still upside down on his back.

However, the mod still works perfectly fine with no crashes in multiplayer, and bots don't pick up the items that make him crash, so I guess it's good enough for now as long as I don't play Francis in singleplayer or on a local server.
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People like grapes jan. 8. @ du. 2:49 
Also, this is a bit off topic, but Original Louis has an odd quirk where boomer bile doesn't display on his body in third person when he gets puked on, bile still drips from him, despite his body still looking clean.
Mister Dark jan. 8. @ du. 4:03 
Yeah the crash just happened when I picked up some frag rounds (as Francis)
|F.S.Z| Jean (Shining_Armor) jan. 22. @ du. 5:11 
Fixed This Mod or Crash Again?
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