Skyrim Unbound
chinagreenelvis  [developer] Jan 25 @ 9:17pm
How do I open the Mod Configuration Menu?
The problem is that you either have no idea how SkyUI works because you didn't read the descriptions, or you didn't install SKSE, which is a requirement for SkyUI to function properly, something that is also spelled out clearly in the SkyUI mod description, which I've already asked you to read.

No, I'm not going to tell you how to install SKSE, because that information is available from both the SkyUI mod description as well as the instructions laid out on the SKSE homepage. I will tell you that you need to use skse_launcher.exe to run Skyrim and not the link in your Steam games list. I will also tell you that you need to have Steam open before you run it, otherwise the standard Skyrim launcher will open up, and that's not at all what you want to see.

1. Download SkyUI (which you probably already have)
2. Download and install SKSE
3. Run skse_launcher.exe once Steam is open to launch the game
4. When Skyrim Unbound tells you to open the Mod Configuration Menu, open the Skyrim main menu by pressing start or hitting escape. If you don't see the MCM option listed, you've done something wrong, which is in its own way actually kind of impressive, because this is really hard to mess up.
5. Profit
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