Skyrim Unbound
chinagreenelvis  [developer] Jan 25 @ 10:56am
Can you include a "vanilla start" option? No.
First of all, I really cannot stress enough that this is an alternate start mod. It was specifically designed to circumvent the normal Skyrim intro.

That being said, the way Skyrim Unbound works makes it literally impossible to include a vanilla start option, because those parts of the game have been mangled in order to make Skyrim Unbound possible. The amount of work it would require to allow for it is far more than I'm interested in doing, as it would require an almost complete re-working of the mod from the ground up, and even then I'm not exactly sure how I'd be able to do it.

There are other mods out there that give you the same options here (disabling dragon soul absorption or removing the starting spells) which don't alter the opening sequence. I suggest you look for them instead.
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