Skyrim Unbound
chinagreenelvis  [developer] Jan 25 @ 10:31am
Will this mod ever be on the Nexus? No.
I was banned from the Nexus over a misunderstanding about the use of a non-Steam version of the CreationKit. Bethesda editors were always distributed online and not over Steam, so when Skyrim came out, that's where I went to look for it. I also wanted to keep my CreationKit installation seperate from my Skyrim installation, which made sense to me at the time. The wonderfully nice people over at the Nexus considered this to be software piracy.

The Nexus has an extremely draconian "zero-tolerance" policy and a moderation team that has the power to ban people for violations but not the power to resolve disputes. In order to be "unbanned", you have to send a web-form-based plea to the site's creator and Howard Hughes figure in the hopes that he will not only actually read what you have sent, but will give a single damn once he has.

The Nexus also does not tolerate people creating new accounts. Skyrim Unbound started there and the moment it goes back, so will any account I've created associated with it.

If you want to see Skyrim Unbound back on the Nexus, write to them and tell them to change the way they handle business. Until then, it's not going to happen.
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Uhuru N'Uru Feb 3 @ 3:53pm 
Strangely before reading this I put this on the your Nexus Forum page for this mod after seeing a steam version of PC Gamers Mod of the Week articles and going to the hidden download page.

I started by responding to a where can I get this mod post.

Originally posted by UhuruNUru:
Read the recent posts theres a link to some obscure site called Steam Workshop whatever that may be.
I hate steam workshop mods and it's auto download rubbish but thankfully it's a BSA and not Loose files.

Little Tip is rename Skyrim folder in
To anything Skyrim1 will do.
create new empty Skyrim folder with empty Data Folder inside it.
Put copies of these two files in that new Syrim Folder.


Steam will download any Mods you want.
The only really useful thing you can use this for is getting Creation Kit files in isolation, as they are loose files.
Then you can 7-Zip them to install with Mod Organizer as a mod and keep them isolated from Data folder.
Also for those who like to mess about with CK you can see exactly what it's files are.

With all Steam Mods being BSA's which have the same name as the ESP they are easily isolated and 7-Zipped so it's not required to download them.
I do not want Steam updating things and do not want Mods in my data folder.

Mod Organizer keeps them in Separate Folders.

If you want to keep the Dummy Skyrim for future use Renaming works for example mine is
[Steam Workshop - Dummy] Skyrim
and simply Cutting and pasting the none Skyrim part quickly swaps Dummy for Real.

Also Don't Forget:
Switch Back to Real Skyrim Folder to Play !!!

You can use this method to Isolate the CK from Steam and I had no idea about the reason for Nexus ban whe I wrote this, but it's a clear sign of the Nexus Moderators stupidity and over the top enforcement of rules against so called piracy.
How you obtain the CK is irelevent, if your Skyrim is a legal copy, it is free so can't be pirated.
Steam is still hosting your Mod so the Nexus should have no problems about legality.
Simply put if you're on Steam Workshop you're game is Legal.

Anyway thanks for the Mod will give this a try certainly seems better than Alternate Start which may be the real issue not that Nexus would favour one author over any others.
I mean they don't favour one Mod Reviewer/Let's Player by giving him Front Page Access do they?
They don't support the worst Mod Manager purely because it's theirs do they?

I am a Lifetime Premium Member of the Nexus but will still say when they are abusing the dominant position which is why Russian modders won't use it (ENB Boris won't let anyone post his mod on Nexus).
All because they are not allowed to use their own language on Nexus and the argument that the moderators can't speak Russian is not acceptable.
The Nexus should provideOther Languages subforums with appropriate Moderators if it insists on English for main forums.

If Steam Workshop actually starts to be run in the best interests of modders and modding, instead of Steam, then the modding community may start to take it seriously as a modders site.
As long as Steam continue to make modding appear to be just one click and it's modded with Auto Updates forever system.
The community will continue to consider it as an inadequate site that is providing a terriblely poor and ill concieved broken service.

Giving the impression that moddiing is so simple is bad for new modders and will damage their game for certain the longer they use this site. Modders that learn better will never trust this site and only use it as a last resort.
We need a better alternative than this to break the Nexus dominance.
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chinagreenelvis  [developer] Feb 3 @ 4:03pm 
My only hope is that the Nexus doesn't become the go-to for every single game. I still prefer to get my mods for non-Bethesda games from other sources.
Uhuru N'Uru Feb 3 @ 5:01pm 
I don't think they will do that as the more they host the less they provide take all the new games it's now filled up by lots of old games with very few mods for any of them as most mods were made and hosted years ago only for new games are any mods being made the rest is clutter.
As for NMM it just will get worse the more igames it has. Dragon Age Origins for instance is still being modded by a few people but NMMK only allows 1 type of Mod package where the best dedicated Manager DAO Mod Manager has 3
  • Override Folder = Loose Files (NMM Allows these only)
  • *.DAZip = BioWare Dragon Age Zip Files DLC's are of this type but Mods can use
  • *.Override = DAO Mod Manager Zip Files Like FoMod files with *.XML file for Mod Info

Just as ModDB site was around before Nexus, these Jack of All Trade Sites will always be about, but also, will always lose out to the specialist sites that provide a comprehensive service the generalised sites can't match. What made Nexus big was focussing on TES and when Fallout was made, it was instead of the Next TES game, so that was not generalising.
Steam Workshop getting an exclusive for next TES/Fallout game is what caused Nexus to generalise. Now it's become so big, it's a job for DarkOne and his Team. So whether Steam actually gets the exclusive doesn't matter, the Nexus is making sure (As they see it) that they are still working, just in case.
They may not admit it but that's the reason they are expanding.
It may also be their reaction to the threat that destroys the Nexus They are competing againt Desura, Steam and other paid for providers, with the power to destroy the Nexus. Retreat may be cloosed to them also, as another specialist may take over the next big modded game.
Time will tell whether they survive, but they can't be both Specialist and Jack of All Trades.
The thing is though Jack is Master of None.
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