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Emily Mewens Sep 25, 2013 @ 7:05am
How will it stand up on its own?
Im really interested in this, and as it has been stated, the game is being pushed to stand out on its own, and trying its hardest to not be another 'clone'.

But as a player of DF I greatly enjoyed the complexity of that game. Ofcoarse i understand that games like Towns and Gnomaria were trying to make a more simple version of DF, which is fine, because some people cant enjoy DF because of its complexity. But i never really saw anything new that they brought with that, nothing that would make me want to play it over DF aside from the pretty graphics.

This game on the other hand has sparked my interest, it seems to be pushing towards something more, by linking you with your dwarves and higher ups as well. (Which im very interested in, how will this effect the gameplay?) And i doubt this is all the new that will be brought to the table, as its also mentioned the morality factors that were popular with Dungeon Keeper series will also be added in, and im sure with its own twist.

And because of this spark, i am more curious. What all is being planned to brought to the table? What will be done to make this game stand up to the might of DF, aside from a simpler gameplay and prettier graphics?

I think what im trying to say is... Metroidvania is a genre, but Castlevania and Metroid are two very different games, and both of which stand out on their own. How will this game as a whole, do the same?

And im not saying that this looks like yet another clone, and maybe im wrong about Towns and Gnomaria, but thats how i saw them, and this is why im asking xD