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Finding Teddy
Plug In Digital  [Разработчик] 14 авг, 2013 в 5:21
Demo Feedbacks
Hey guys, please give us our feedback about the demo here, as well if you encountered any issues, bugs or others please tell us here.
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Ventus 14 авг, 2013 в 13:56 
I really liked this demo, it's a shame to be so short
Found no bug while playing!
Can not wait to play the full version!
Plug In Digital  [Разработчик] 14 авг, 2013 в 14:05 
Thanks Ventus, final version will be arrive soon :-)
thanks for your support and please spread the word about this game!
I LIVE. I DIE. I LIVE AGAIN! 14 авг, 2013 в 14:21 
arcadekid 14 авг, 2013 в 17:25 
didnt work for me :(
LeBubzie 14 авг, 2013 в 19:13 
Played the demo and loved it, I can't wait for the full version to be out!
¿ERЯOR Pl4YƎR# 15 авг, 2013 в 1:09 
Кашерна 15 авг, 2013 в 2:44 
Hello. I've played the demo, haven't finished it yet though, but i have 2 suggestions. Maybe you are already planning to do it, but could you add in-game cursor and volume control for music and sound? Not just an option to turn it on/off. Game looks really nice. =)

upd Just finished the demo, waiting for full version now. :3
Последний раз отредактировал Кашерна; 15 авг, 2013 в 3:00
Rysaurus™ 16 авг, 2013 в 1:14 
Overall, I like the concept and enjoyed the demo.
The art style of this game and feel of this game reminded me of Fez. I suggest possibly refining the sound effects before release. They seem to just cut off, although I feel like they should just fade to give it a better-quality feel. Some things seem to be fine-tuned, but that's all I would suggest.
I would like to hear more music like in the trailer able to be listened to in-game. I would also like to know who produced the music and if they have a soundcloud, I adore music like in the trailer.
MartyrA2J 23 авг, 2013 в 0:07 
Would it be okay to do a Let's Play of this demo? It looks amazing.
Tannu 23 авг, 2013 в 1:53 
Looks like a cool game !
ʞoɯɐ 24 авг, 2013 в 0:42 
Demo runs but has a severe performance problem. Splash screens take forever, everything is in slow motion and jittery. Maxes out a CPU core on i5-2500k 16GB Win7 64 bit. There's also no sound and the Windows volume mixer does not show it as an application which is using audio.
lotzi 24 авг, 2013 в 2:21 
I'd love to see a different mouse cursor in the game ... something more game like

Tony Gibson 31 авг, 2013 в 19:51 
I remembered today I had downloaded the demo, so wanted to try it, but I received a segmentation fault. A re-download solved the issue though (likely a bad download or extraction).

Now I'm getting: 'cannot execute binary file'. Though it is marked as executable. Trying via sudo (for funs) gives: 'Syntax error: "(" unexpected'.

As an aside, having to use an installer for Linux made me cry a little.
vanmeteran 26 сен, 2013 в 15:50 
love it
.. 2 ноя, 2013 в 15:08 
love it
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