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Will To Survive
Liquidoodle  [producent] 1 sierpnia 2013 o 9:54
What would you nickname the aliens?
District 9 had "Prawns", Starship Troopers had "Bugs" and Gears has "Locust". These aliens don't have a name, they've never spoke to a human before so we don't know what to call them. They just turned up and kick-started the apocalypse one day.

A feature that I would like to put in the game is the ability to enter your own nickname for the creatures so that whenever a survivor mentions them or you find a diary saying something about them your personal nickname for them is displayed.

What nickname would you pick?
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Ninja_Ferret 1 sierpnia 2013 o 12:12 
ChickenDash 1 sierpnia 2013 o 15:38 
maybe you just call them the "watchers" because they watch and never talk ...and some of them have a lot of eyes ^^ my suggestion would be 100% Watchers
roofsweeper 1 sierpnia 2013 o 21:37 
tur-butts because they're turbo butts lol
Dixon Cider 1 sierpnia 2013 o 22:07 
Hard to picka name that rolls with everyone but, I myself would not mind "Waggles."
Liquidoodle  [producent] 2 sierpnia 2013 o 7:05 
Nei'berain.. I'm guessing that stands for something?

Watchers is a nice one because of the eyes reference, I like that.

Tur-butts made me smile, it's the kind of name I would probably type in.

Waggles eh, how come? Hopefully if the feature works everyone could pick their own, just a little bit of customisation that might be nice and it's not a huge amount of work :)
Ninja_Ferret 2 sierpnia 2013 o 8:19 
Nei'berain stands for (In the alien language) The Dark Ones
Liquidoodle  [producent] 2 sierpnia 2013 o 8:44 
Nice, Metro reference?
Ninja_Ferret 2 sierpnia 2013 o 8:52 
No never heard of it.
Liquidoodle  [producent] 2 sierpnia 2013 o 9:33 
Look up Metro 2033 & Metro: Last Light. Great games, they have things in that called "The Dark Ones" :)
Ninja_Ferret 2 sierpnia 2013 o 9:35 
Geuss that rules it out :/
Ninja_Ferret 2 sierpnia 2013 o 9:36 
But great job with the game, you should make a sequal with the ability to name and create your own character.
ChickenDash 2 sierpnia 2013 o 10:03 
i wouldnt go for a reference ... it kinda can seem a lil unprofessiional if u "steal" the name of an other famous game. ;C
Personally i would pref Watchers or waggles
Ninja_Ferret 2 sierpnia 2013 o 10:12 
Human I said that ruled the idea out scroll up.
psionicninja2000 2 sierpnia 2013 o 21:28 
There are a few nicknames that come immediately to mind, most of them not very polite. Lobsters seems like a good one though.
ChickenDash 2 sierpnia 2013 o 22:44 
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