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OkS iSimon 2013. szept. 17. @ de. 4:04
Screenresolution Timeout
I would recommend to set the timeout for the resolution change a little higher.. i had 1 second time to click on it.. its just annoying
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OkS iSimon 2013. szept. 17. @ de. 4:05 
also when i where u i would make a launcher for selecting the episodes + shared settings so you dont have 2 set all settings for the single episodes
FlightTribe 2013. nov. 20. @ du. 10:51 
Unfortunately, due to the original code and assets being lost back in the mists of time on a melted hard drive, there will be no changes being made to the game.

- Community Manager@Spicy Horse
Please submit bugs to http://support.spicyhorse.com/
Morteth 2013. nov. 21. @ de. 11:57 
But someone from Spicy Horse Games said that it had been found. Lookie here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/163244574/846960628394242490/

Fourth comment =)
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Morteth; 2013. nov. 21. @ de. 11:57
OkS iSimon 2013. nov. 21. @ du. 12:41 
also.. making a launcher that launches episodes and sets config settings wouldn't need changing of the original games^^
FlightTribe 2013. nov. 21. @ du. 7:24 
Holy mixed messages, Batman !!

Well I just went to verify and it seems things have changed in that was posted 3 months ago.
We thought we had the resources to do a little work on it, but being a little indie dev, it seems that didn't quite pan out. :(

- Community Manager@Spicy Horse
Please submit bugs to http://support.spicyhorse.com/
Legutóbb szerkesztette: FlightTribe; 2013. nov. 21. @ du. 7:24
OkS iSimon 2013. nov. 22. @ de. 5:53 
bring it out than allready... waiting suggs^^
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