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Pablo Estrella 23. jul 2013 kl. 16:53
The many limitations of the Miniatures Game could make this a solid Video Game
I know that Warmachine is wildly popular in some circles. I found the minatures game to be limiting and overy fiddly with movement and special rules. It also seemed as though they never really playtested anything before releasing it. The miniatures community was also a liability in my book. Lots of overly competitive flabby dorks who yearn for some means to take their passive-agression out on others.

Strangely, I feel that the limitations of the miniatures game will be exactly what lends this to be a fantastic computer game. The math was always fuzzy, the inevitable rules haggling too forever, and nobody ever wanted to paint their minis. Little wonder, really, Privateer Press actively encouraged all of these flaws. But, all of these elements fade into the background, or actually help a video game. I'm intrigued by Tactics, even if I will never purchase another model from Privateer Press again.