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Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut
SqueezerOne 20. aug 2013 kl. 6:20
Would you recommend me this game?
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Crestfallen_Rose 23. aug 2013 kl. 5:29 
I guess it depends on what kind of games you normally play, but...

This game focuses on the story and there's a LOT to do - side quest, wise.
It's great to sit back and play through it; interacting with the characters and seeing more and more of their personalities and revealing their stories that are separate from the main story.

It's very different from anything I've ever played; but if I had to pick a combination of games that has a similar feel...I'd pick Alan Wake (atmosphere, focuses on story-telling) and Resident Evil (the old, cheesy ones mixed with combat). Though, that combination might not do it justice.

If you're still unsure about whether or not you'd like to try it out, I recommend you watch some of supergreatfriend's videos; he's a fan of the game and he's very thorough with his playthroughs of it:
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Chivaunowitz 25. aug 2013 kl. 7:20 
I would, it looks like it is a fun game.
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