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Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut
impliedword 2013. júl. 25. @ du. 6:11
how you found out about this game.
i found out about this game on a video podcast on g4
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Gil is here 2013. júl. 25. @ du. 6:25 
Giantbomb's Endurance Run Team BR (RIP Ryan)
BurritoMcnasty 2013. júl. 25. @ du. 9:54 
Well Mr. Plinkett; Saw it at Gamestop for $17 and bought it on a whim. Fell in love when I realised the Shenmue similarities and York in the car doing everything BUT DRIVING. Also to amazing zippo.
HFM 2013. júl. 25. @ du. 10:42 
Giant Bomb ER
Dedlok 2013. júl. 25. @ du. 11:45 
Gil is here eredeti hozzászólása:
Giantbomb's Endurance Run Team BR (RIP Ryan)

Same. But I watched the Vinny/Jeff one.
Light 2013. júl. 26. @ de. 3:21 
That pretty much sums it up.
angary 2013. júl. 26. @ de. 3:34 
I first found out about it through the Two Best Friends' videos, then when I caught up to their 5th one and wanted to see more, I searched for a complete LP and watched supergreatfriends'. It's fantaaaastic!
Crestfallen_Rose 2013. júl. 26. @ de. 8:30 
A good friend recommended it to me about two years ago, I thank them every chance I get.

I really only glanced at the Wikipedia page and saw the cover art for it before renting it; and I was blown away by the graphics and the story.

It was a unique, one of a kind experiance.

Mitty 2013. júl. 26. @ de. 8:47 
A friend showed me an article on Destructoid from 3 years ago explaining why Deadly Premonition is better than Heavy Rain and a video of the coffee scene. I laughed my ♥♥♥♥ off and pre-ordered it as soon as I could.
Ekabolio 2013. júl. 26. @ du. 1:02 
Supergreatfriend's epic LP of it. Seriously, that's pretty much the best LP ever made.
Stevey 2013. júl. 26. @ du. 1:17 
A friend emailed me the sinners andwich scene years ago
Zergem 2013. júl. 26. @ du. 3:40 
A friend of mine pointed out supergreatfriend's LP of the game to me a few years ago. I didn't actually watch it until a little later, but I was hooked quickly.
Curtis@HeroesofTalon 2013. júl. 26. @ du. 7:01 
I found out about it from an LP channel I used to follow called Chronogear, he really liked the game and I watched a few episodes, didn't watch all of it because I thought I'd play it some day, and it looks like that day may arrive fairly soon. I can't wait.
Loverboy . 2013. júl. 26. @ du. 7:29 
Via the original two best friends play video, they're making a full lp now of the ps3 version.
Gretel Mk Monkey 2013. júl. 27. @ de. 5:57 
Read a review of the game from a gaming magazine. It got 89/100 and a recommendation (The magazine doesn't even give more than 95/100 anymore).
sammer 2013. júl. 27. @ de. 9:04 
I watched Twin Peaks with my sister, then she bought me a copy of Deadly Premonition after she played it herself, telling me the creator was a huge Twin Peaks fan. I instantly fell in love with the game, and not just because there were similarities to the show.

My friend and I beat it together, and the following Christmas, we made turkey cereal jam sandwiches.
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