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Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut
Rising Star Games  [desenvolvedor(a)] 18/jul/2013 às 5:18
Frequently Asked Questions
So, as suggested, this thread is a place for us to store all the answers to questions that get asked as this Greenlight campaign goes on. We'll do our best to keep it up to date and give you the info you desire, but please bear with us if there's stuff we can't answer yet!

If you ask a question and don't get a direct answer, it means it's already been spoken about - keep eyes on this top post for all the most up-to-minute responses!

Things discussed so far:

- Pricing has been decided; more details soon, but we think you'll be happy with it. Well, as happy as you can be... it's not going to be free, after all! :D
- This PC release is an enhanced version of the PS3 Director's Cut (NOT the original Xbox 360 game), with all the content that it came with PLUS some new bonus DLC for PC users only!
- Localisation is English voice with FIGS subtitles (we're also looking at including the Japanese subs since they were in the Japanese release). Russian subtitles are still being considered.
- Nothing to discuss about bringing it to Mac/Linux.
- Nothing to discuss yet about a PC release via other channels (digital/retail)
- All DLC will be 'in the box', not sold separately.
- Nothing to discuss yet on mod support.
- Big Picture / controller support / Steamworks being looked into!
- The soundtrack IS coming!
- No plans for Oculus Rift support.
- Minimum specs are now live on the Steam Store page.
- Release will DEFINITELY be 31 October 2013 (Halloween!).

- There won't be a demo, sorry.
- Please don't ask questions about the PS3 version here!
- We're aiming to release the game in as many regions as possible (yes, that means Japan is a possibility), but there's nothing to announce at this time.
- Nothing to discuss on the matter of FOV adjustment.

Keep 'em coming!
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