Mama Luigi Apr 10, 2014 @ 11:06am
[SOLVED] "The client settings of this tool are invalid!" - Sound Emitter
The Sound Emitter is my favourite thing that comes with Wiremod, but I was devestated to see this awful error. Now I can't share my favourite music with my fellow players, especially on DarkRP. Does anyone have a solution to this? I've searched everywhere on Google; the only thing that came up was an abandoned forum post [facepunch.com] on Facepunch that was made two years ago. Finally, I decided to post a discussion on the official Workshop forum as it was the only choice I had. I've re-installed my Wiremod, re-subscribed and re-enabled it; nothing worked. Can someone please reply to this post? I can provide screenshots and stuff. However, I can still use Sound Emitters in singleplayer and my Hamachi server when playing with friends. Once again, please reply!

=== I solved it. Some of the servers I usually go on don't allow the 'custom' sounds I thought would be a great thing for my Gun Shop in DarkRP 8-). Anyway, I just use normal TF2 music to keep my buildings cool.
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