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Viscera Cleanup Detail
Multiplayer Mode Idea, "Cleaners VS 'Cleaners'"
Howdy, this was an idea I was thinking about putting on my wishful thinking thread, , but I figured I'd post this idea here for Multiplayer people. The idea behind this mode is that there are two teams, probably 2v2, one made of Cleaners, aka Janitors, and the other 'Cleaners', like the guys who erase nasty facts about people who don't want others to know about them. Basicly the idea is that it's the Cleaner's job to clean up all the blood and gore, as usual, but the 'Cleaner's' job is to find certain specified objects, such as bullet casings, damaged property, secrety files, and even bodies, and either whisk them away or destroy them. So it's a race for the 'Cleaners' to collect or destroy the desired objects, all the while trying to make sure the janitors don't destroy something they need, or clean and catalog something that should stay hidden. Perhaps there could also be a stealth factor, where the 'cleaners' get a better score if they're never seen, or if they manage to snag something from the janitors without them noticing. Comment, give ideas, c'mon!