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Viscera Cleanup Detail
FlutterPy(rii) Aug 29, 2013 @ 2:37pm
Thoughts on 0.14?
So what do people like/dislike about 0.14?

I'll add that I like the sniffer, but it's next to useless for really hunting down those stains or even hidden bits that even 'ghost'ing around can't find. (Yes, 'ghost' and 'walk' work) And the fact it picks up on water buckets also doesn't help.

The ability to upgright items in your hands is great, but it needs to happen slower, especially for containers, I end up left clicking and sending body parts EVERYWHERE. It's counter-productive at this stage. (A slower turn will be more realistic AND give enough room for the physics system to not crap itself at the sudden change)

Switching left-click for held objects was a no-no for me, I really couldn't get used to it I'm afraid, and I hope there's options to change this int he next release. I often turned objects around when I wanted to drop them, leading to a couple of broken lanterns, and flung boxes. This is a preference thing, and as such should be an option.

Speaking of Physics, I'm still finding alot of objects getting stuck int he floor, or other objects. I know it's hard because they'll have to be simulated in a container, but while out of the container, they need to be more tightly simulated. This might also reduce the number of problems with unreachable/unseeable viscera leading to a stage fail.
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la merde Aug 30, 2013 @ 6:43am 
upright the container is great! :D
I totally agree with your mentioned things here. Esspecially the physics part, I totaly agree
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