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Viscera Cleanup Detail
Darknigthmare 21 ago 2013, ore 1:23
some idea for next version
add in the beginning of each map an heroes mode where you have to destroy all the monster on the map after that in the clean up mode you have to clean all the mess you have made
with some monster injuried,weapons broken,etc
add some different color blood
add a space cleaner door where all thing are wiped out (but you too if you dont go away
add a map full of trap (like the red queen on resident evil)
if you are in pain (burn,falling etc) ))you can leave some blood on the floor to clean up after

if you have some idea post it here
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Nukacola Time! 21 ago 2013, ore 8:35 
Some things I kinda want you to add
i really like the idea and concept but it would be cool if you added

1. little space rodents that you can smash with you mop and they grab the body parts and drag them around

2. a mode where you can make a mess like spawning blood or body parts and making your own map thing

3. diffrent tools like maybe a duster and a bin to sweep the bones into or maybe a wrench or crowbar to fix all the broken lights and doors and maybe a water/squirtgun thing to get blood in the air ducts and in the underground shafts

4. you should add some dead bodies so your guy has to drag them into a fire pit and where you drag them they leave behind blood stains

5. a little more variety with the blood and guts like maybe some green or blue alien blood or alien body parts maybe some intestines or lungs and liver

6. dropped weapons and empty clips and magazines

7.abillity to call in a body bag to clean up the corpses and alien bodys

8. maybe a whistle sound for when your working

9. making disposal bins stay up right like the buckets
Ultima modifica da Nukacola Time!; 21 ago 2013, ore 8:44
Nukacola Time! 21 ago 2013, ore 8:41 
maybe a fire exstingusher to put out spreading fires maybe a flashlight or some other form of light maybe half dead soilders and aliens on the ground that you just pick up and toss them in a incinarator with no attacking or talking between them i also want some barricades and other things that the humans would have made and you have to take them down and you need to unweld the doors and put the air vents back into place or maybe little insects that run around and you can smash them and maybe some stuff over the intercom that says something like tuesday is meatloaf day or jhonny you are needed in room 3 or something

i really hope the devs read this becuase i really like the game

ps: if you say i have bad grammar or spelling i really dont care
Nukacola Time! 21 ago 2013, ore 8:42 
i under stand this is an simulation game so there for no action but there can be some npcs and creatures that you wont need to kill or hide from but you need to drag into a big body bag and get rid of them some how
Highduke 21 ago 2013, ore 10:17 
Some way to clean my ♥♥♥♥ing boots would be extremely nice.
Nukacola Time! 21 ago 2013, ore 13:18 
that would be nice
Dragon 26 ago 2013, ore 16:31 
I deffinately feel like this game will bennifit from having to dispose of the alien bodies, especially the corpses of massive bosses
๖»[[ÐG]]Death Player 27 ago 2013, ore 17:35 
๖»[[ÐG]]Death Player 27 ago 2013, ore 17:35 
/_\Elites\Afina\999\/_\ 27 ago 2013, ore 23:37 
Nukacola Time! 28 ago 2013, ore 11:38 
Superman Buns 31 ago 2013, ore 10:51 
There should be a Versus mode where each team has to try to clean up faster then the other one, or something else along the lines of that.
Ultima modifica da Superman Buns; 31 ago 2013, ore 10:52
Nukacola Time! 31 ago 2013, ore 11:18 
that is a good idea
Lenny | Lendog :P 1 set 2013, ore 8:12 
you cant really add any guns to it because he is a cleaner and does not no how to use guns unless you add like a space cleaner training so you have to get the job before you go and do the job
Darknigthmare 1 set 2013, ore 8:28 
yes you can because you play as the heroes not the cleaner at first
BATMAN 6 set 2013, ore 8:34 
achievement to go for or challenges
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