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Viscera Cleanup Detail
Ferus37 Jul 27, 2013 @ 9:51am
Some thoughts after trying 0.12 and 0.13
I just spent a few hours playing one level on the new 0.12, and decided to leave some feedback on it. I know this is an early build, and I am not intending any of this as complaints. I thoroughly enjoy this game (simulator?), and I hope I don't come off sounding like I don't like it.

First of all, I love the inclusion of random garbage scattered about, and I think some added humor could be found in having even more random objects lying around. (Porn magazine tucked away in a corner? Passive aggressive notes about the rec room not being cleaned?) The new items made it feel like the place was lived in, by normal people, and I liked that. However, I think the take-out boxes take up far too much space in the bins. They take up more room than a torso, and aren't crushed by the weight of other objects placed on top. I'm not looking for realism, but they became more of an annoyance than a fun addition.

You might want to consider dialing down the rate of body parts falling out of the machines, just a little bit. At one point I pressed it 5 times, and 4 of them gave me random bits of human. (And this was just one of the times I attempted to get bins.) I ended up filling an entire bin with parts, and dirty a bucket and a half, just to get a new bin. First time the bits fell out I thought it was awesome. 3rd time, the cute was starting to wear off. 8th time, and I was thinking "just give me a damned bin already".

To me the stacking is not really stacking; it's piling. You gather a bunch of things and throw them in a pile, and hope it's high enough. If it's not, you get more things, throw them on, and try again. There's not enough control of the objects you pick up to call it stacking. Half the time it's just letting it go in the general vicinity of where you want the item, and hope it stays there. One of the problems is that when you lift the thing to get it higher, you also tilt it, and leave yourself unable to see where it is in relation to the thing you want it on top of. Heavy objects are far easier to tip over than to push a few feet across the floor, and barrels are more stable when tipped over than boxes. I found it a bit odd, and a bit frustrating.

The jumping seems mildly gimpy. I am not sure how high you can jump, because it seems to me it changes depending on what you're trying to get onto, and the angle it is at. You also sometimes just kind of climb up things just by walking too close to them. And, one time when I attempted to climb a pile to see if it was high enough I was launched backwards down a hallway into the previous room.

I have some minor "issues" with the blood. It's not important, at all, but I'll share anyway. The tiny little alien footprints fill up the mop as much as a giant blob of blood filling half a wall. Just seems a tad odd to me. Also, a bucket of water that's had the mop dipped in it one time, and that isn't red yet, leaves big sploshes of dark red blood if you tip it over. I couldn't help but wonder where all the blood came from when the water in the bucket was clear.

I'd love to have a bit more info than "people said it smelled funny" when I've missed something. Did I miss some blood? A body part? A shell casing? Four trips through the same area with a lamp, tearing everything off the walls that I could, looking in all the corners, climbing up everywhere there was a pipe on the ceiling or a ledge, and people still complained about the smell. I gave up and went to write this instead.

Is the incinerator supposed to burn up everything that's put in it? Because for me it only burned the buckets and the bins. Everything in the bins just piled up inside the incinerator, and eventually started spilling out when I tried to put more things in. Bio hazard bin: Burned to oblivion in seconds. Styrofoam cup, take-out box, chips wrapper, bunched up paper: Completely impervious to fire. (Maybe that explains why the take-out boxes aren't crushable in the bins.) I also had a cute visual glitch where the incinerator threw waves of fire out into the room as I approached it. Looked awesome, but not really sure if it was intentional.

I think that's all of it. I apologize for the skyscraper of text, but I wanted to be thorough (and tend to be wordy). I really do enjoy playing it. A lot. And I am looking forward to seeing how it develops.
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Ferus37 Jul 29, 2013 @ 11:42am 
I found some more things I'd like to add.

I found a stuck intestine in the Splatter Station. On a pipe near the incinerator. I whacked it about 12 times with the mop and it dislodged. (I did much the same with the formerly stuck shell. Whacked it with a box and it came loose.)

In Section 8 at the end of the left hallway when you look at the bucket machine I accidentally hit a body part instead of picking it up and it completely disappeared. Not a sign of it anywhere, so I am guessing it went into the floor or wall.

The yellow bins are now my new favorite item (used to be the mop). I found that when I tip them over they are brilliant for stacking. I now actually manage to stack things.

I'm a bit curious if things that haven't completely burned up in the incinerator count for things that cause that odor people complain about. I am also curious if there's a limit on how many limbs can come out of the machines, and if ones still stuck in the machine count. (I still haven't managed to finish a single map without people complaining about the smell, in spite of sinking quite a few hours in by now, so I have no idea how completion works.)

On a more personal note: Please, please add some sort of throwing mechanism, for no other reason than that it's fun. I've had a blast tossing stuff around, and would absolutely love to get some more velocity and height to the items. It would be awesome for multiplayer. (Now that you both pick up and drop items with left click, maybe you could add it to right click?)

Also, I really like the writing on the walls, and the new alien footprints. I feel like the maps have come more to life already.

And until I hear otherwise, I am totally working for Weyland-Yutani. :P
RuneStorm  [developer] Jul 31, 2013 @ 6:28am 
Thanks for the feedback! :)

Things that WILL be improved are:
-Making sure 'clocking out' works.
-Making sure incinerators incinerate everything.
-Improving how blood mopping works.
-Attempting to make sure all objects sync and don't get stuck or lost so easily.
-Food container size.

We shall attempt to get out an update for some of the small issues quite soon ;)
Ferus37 Aug 7, 2013 @ 2:39pm 
I've been playing around with the 0.13 update, and as last time, I have a few thoughts on it.

I know the Zero-G map will get more work, but I'll add what I found in an attempt to help.
There is a can stuck under the stairs by the door to the void. Despite several attempts I was unable to get it out. While I was doing that I noticed that the stairs dirty the mop even when they are clean. I did this many times, and while I was doing that I noticed that when the mop was completely bloodied up every 5th hit with it still cleaned. I hit some crates with it 4 times, and then a blood spot once, and I was able to clean up quite a bit with it that way. Theoretically I think I could have cleaned up the entire map without once dipping the mop in a bucket.

The stairs have gravity for the player, but not for items. I was hoping that putting the buckets there would stop them from instantly tipping over when I dipped my mop, but no go. I only got one dip per bucket, because no matter where I put them I was completely unable to get them to still stay upright when dipping. The janitor seems to have some kind of magnet boots when walking on the floor, and the buckets look like they're made of metal. Just a thought.

The floating objects gave me a few problems. They were either too close or too far away to pick up. And when they were too close they looked too big. I had a shell casing look as big as my arm, just because it was close. Floating items were also impossible to hit with my hand. The mop whacked them across the room, but the hand did absolutely nothing. Didn't even nudge them.

Moving around in the room is a bit odd. Jumping always sends you upwards, even when you're on the ceiling looking down, and the movement in relation to the mouse took a bit of getting used to. It felt weird to be able to "walk" down to the floor using the up arrow (or, in my case, W). Also, jumping to get up when you're mid-air with nothing to kick off from also felt weird. Low powered rocket boots maybe? I also experienced odd launches around the room when picking up objects. The zero gravity probably made it seem worse than it was, but I felt like I often ended up in odd places when trying to pick up crates. (To launch into space. :D)

My absolute favorite part of the map was the door into the void. I think I could clean the entire room with just launching things into nothing, just for the enjoyment. I haven't tried that yet, though, because the stuck can grabbed too much of my attention. And, when standing at the door to the void looking in, I saw flames shooting down from the furnace on the ceiling. Just a visual thing, but I figured I'd mention it anyway.

After toying with the Zero-G map I went on to play in Splatter Station. It was fun, until I decided to use yellow bins to stack my way up to the limbs in high places. To get to the limb on the ventilation shaft you need to get quite high, and I needed quite a few crates to do it. This led me to why I am posting this now, before finishing that level.

I seemed to get roughly a 50/50 split between yellow bins and limbs out of the machine. I punched out 18 crates, 2 of them just to pick up the limbs spit out of the machine. I think 4-5 limbs per dump is a bit excessive, to be honest. I stopped pulling limbs out of the way before punching out new crates, and some of the limbs clipped into the bins. I have no idea if any clipped into the floor. I could tell you about the mess it created, but I took a screenshot of my attempt to clean it all up. The two bins in the picture were stuffed so full that limbs and intestines were clipping out of the sides and spilling over the edge, making more of a mess, and making the bins wobble. Just before I took the picture, one of the bins tipped over because of the unstable limbs inside it. On the left edge of the picture are two empty buckets that were casualties of the cleanup attempt. Behind the standing crate are a couple of limbs that clipped out of it while I was fetching the buckets.
I really hope this link works:

While attempting to stack the crates neatly I found that the easiest way to tip them over was to use a shell casing to nudge them. The same shell casing was also the easiest way to accomplish small adjustments to the stack. In spite of my neat little tool, I ran into a lot of problems with very unstable physics. I flew across the room, had bins tip me off the stack, had a bin nearly get me stuck in the wall, suddenly jumped onto bins without actually jumping, had the entire stack tip over because a bin got caught on thin air and somehow launched several of the bins it wasn't touching. The bins have so far been the easiest way to make a stack for me, but it's still been quite frustrating.

Another frustrating thing has been the footprints I seem to be leaving everywhere. I love them. It's frustrating in a good way, and it's made me rethink how to clean a place up, and where to walk.

The floaty blood splotches in Zero-G are awesome. I really liked how they floated off to splat on a wall, floor, or ceiling. Jumping around and trying to throw things into the furnace, as well as outside, was also fun. It's a really nice touch to have the furnace on the ceiling. Have I mentioned I love throwing things outside? :P

The food containers are now much nicer to clean up. I had no irritation towards them at all today, and they settled in nicely in the bins. In fact, it felt like everything settled into the bins better, unless I overfilled them.

Okay, that's it for now. I still love toying around with this, and I am trying hard to get my friends and siblings to play online with me. It's addicting.

And, as far as I am concerned, take your time. Updates are no hurry when it's already as fun as this is. ;)
VIVISECT_VIVIVI Aug 15, 2013 @ 1:22pm 
I had hell of a time with the buckets in zero g and thought right away about making them magnetic, and the footprints seem to happen sometime even when being really careful not to step in blood. And as for that can, I kept thinging I repeatedly did that launching stuff into the void.

Seems like they need to just add a line to the warning at the begining of the game that theres a good chance no matter what you do that you will fail the level due to bugs, at least then people will know why they may have failed and it would keep people from just give up in frustration and in the process write the game off completely.
FlutterPy(rii) Aug 24, 2013 @ 5:00pm 
I got quite far in section 7/8, but then I got stuck trying to pile up some boxes to get on top of somewhere, anywhere, I got stuck against a wall and had to quit, I think it'd be good for the player actor to be able to push boxes. That way I could push my way out, but I think it's set up that the actors stop having physics after a few seconds of being dropped to save resources.

I'm fed up at having to stare at the ceiling to carry buckets/bins so that they don't nudges against the floor and spill out everywhere, is there a way we could lift them higher please?
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FlutterPy(rii) Aug 25, 2013 @ 5:50am 
Figured I'd add that the lanterns are about as delicate as paper and easily broke all the ones I found just by moving around with them. So I couldn't figure out where I missed any viscera due to lack of light, but I had, so gave up.

I haven't been able to properly finish a single stage yet. I hope further releases are completable.
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