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Viscera Cleanup Detail
blade 2013. júl. 11. @ de. 8:24
i want a level were you play as scruffy from futurama if surgen simulator can mtm in it so can this game
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velo [PT] 2013. júl. 11. @ de. 8:31 
That would require the devs to be contacted by someone responsible by the show and make a deal of some sort, otherwise they might face lawsuits and stuff.
blade 2013. júl. 11. @ de. 8:54 
oh ok but still SCRUFFY
RuneStorm  [Fejlesztő] 2013. júl. 11. @ de. 9:40 
I've never watched Futurama :\ You can now beat me up :P
blade 2013. júl. 11. @ de. 10:30 
ok *takes out a big a** sword demon sword* it will hurt alot
blade 2013. júl. 11. @ de. 10:36 
*and a octopus* or by seafood
RuneStorm  [Fejlesztő] 2013. júl. 11. @ de. 11:55 
Seafood, please.
blade 2013. júl. 11. @ du. 12:10 
*uses a octopie as a sword to kill runestorm*
carpwrist 2013. júl. 11. @ du. 2:29 
I'd much rather be Consuela from Family Guy. We need more lemon pledge.
blade 2013. júl. 11. @ du. 3:36 
or any other funny charater thats a maid or janitor
Specifically Not Mangeto 2013. júl. 11. @ du. 5:45 
It doesent have to be definitly him, it could just be implied, there could be a bunch of levels where its a reference to othere things, like maybe groundskeeper will after springfield elementrey school gets invaded by aleins, or cleanng up on mars after doom guy finished off the demons,or on the ishimura after Isaac clark fought off the necromorphs. this game has endless possiblilities.
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amandaavasc 2013. júl. 11. @ du. 5:52 
tendi nada em galera
blade 2013. júl. 11. @ du. 6:30 
or the poor soul who cleans the death star
blade 2013. júl. 11. @ du. 6:30 
whitch die during the trench run
KUSH BUSH 2013. júl. 11. @ du. 7:14 
Consuela "No..no...no alies eh hayre."
"Edmund" (Nex, ||3, C**t, w/e) 2013. júl. 11. @ du. 8:08 
RuneStorm. Go online, go watch all 6 and a half seasons (the other half of the 7th is airing now) and then you'll enjoy doing this a lot more.
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