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Viscera Cleanup Detail
[NMS] TheNextGamer jan. 1. @ du. 1:05
List of Ideas that I would throw money at.
-MULTIPLE ENDINGS AND OUTCOME: ex. "Your friend asks you to make a mess out of his superior's office." Doing so, you get money from your friend, but a bad rep with your boss.
-JANITOR NINJA SKILLS!!: ex. Bad guys appearing out of nowhere? Save the NPCs by whopping the crap out of those jerks with your dirty mop!
-UPGRADE SYSTEM: After a long day of cleaning up the place, you get money. You use the money to upgrade stuff, like making your mop last longer when cleaning, or making your boots not getting dirty when walking over blood.

You already somehow made the cleaning to be more fun, but it gets reppetetive after a while. Hope these ideas get implemented to the game.
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War Box jan. 1. @ du. 2:26 
We take the battle of Game to the Skies ! Apparently ...like a machinegun of stupidity!
Nanamil jan. 1. @ du. 4:04 
Seems like stupid ideas. It doesn't fit the game at all.
[NMS] TheNextGamer jan. 1. @ du. 8:11 
Nanamil eredeti hozzászólása:
Seems like stupid ideas. It doesn't fit the game at all.

Each to their own, I guess.
Astwihad jan. 8. @ de. 1:01 
I'd like to see a level editor. And I don't mean a regular put this and this here. Make your own mess, let someone else deal with it.
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Mrs. Penny-Apple jan. 9. @ du. 2:49 
These are some good ideas, I like the idea of the upgrade system, maybe you could unlock something like a magnet to help pick up groups of spent shells and bullets
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Steve Pool [KOMO4] jan. 19. @ du. 10:53 
You should only get rewarded after you completely finish a level, then you get 8 credits an hour for your work. You should then be able to save several hundred thousand credits to buy a new mop or overalls. Also, anti space madness pills lol
Mrs. Penny-Apple jan. 30. @ de. 8:22 
I good idea for another cross over game like the shadow warrior one would a VCD: Dead Space. But I doubt EA would let them do that
Lucifer febr. 17. @ du. 8:40 
Heh, issue with Dead Space is the monsters aren't always dead...

What I'd like to see are a few events to spice things up... like an alarm being triggered and you have a time limit to do something specific to avoid catastrophe (like maybe gather specific items to repair a hull breach before an explosive decompression of the area) or perhaps one monster still alive busts out of a vent and you have to avoid it long enough for security to come along and shoot it (like the first chase scene in Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth where you had no weapons and had to block/evade pursuers and stay alive).

A Halo crossover with Red vs Blue would be cool... I could easily see Griff or Caboose stuck on clean-up detail. Pretty sure the guys at Rooster Teeth would be game, but MS/Bungie might be an issue...

Thinking of crossovers got me nostalgic for the old Planetfall/Stationfall games where you were originally maintenance personnel.
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HunterLord™ ápr. 23. @ du. 4:01 
As the description of the game says, aliens are DEAD.
But the janitor could still be killed by the environment, like exploding bridges, toxic chambers, or maybe corridors without oxygen so you have to hurry up while cleaning...etc..., it would make the job more difficult.

A crossover would be great, at least, as an easter egg (Like Isaac's head/helmet from Dead Space in a vent).

Getting money is a good idea too, buying upgrades or new cleaning tools would be nice.
TastyWheat jún. 24. @ du. 1:47 
I do kind of like the idea of a reverse-cleaning level. That is, try to make the room as messy as possible in a few minutes. Better yet: go head to head with your friends! Each team (or single player) takes 5 minutes to make a room a total mess, then the teams switch rooms and have to see who can clean it the fastest.

I didn't care for most of the OP ideas but I do think upgrades or buying new equipment between maps is a good idea.
Goelian júl. 3. @ de. 3:43 
space plumber simulator?
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