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Iron Soul
McMarius11 5 jul 2013 om 1:14nm
Linux Support?
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Endless Night 5 jul 2013 om 7:33nm 
Villentretenmerth 5 jul 2013 om 11:25nm 
I hope so
hero1900 6 jul 2013 om 12:02vm 
it uses UDK so i dont think there is linux
Jabberwocky 6 jul 2013 om 1:33vm 
why not?
UT have nux support.
.dot aka Saddok 6 jul 2013 om 2:55vm 
Would appreciate it
Keden 6 jul 2013 om 3:01vm 
They should make it :3
[SlyG] guyf2010 6 jul 2013 om 4:18vm 
I dont believe that UDK works for Linux, until it does, this game will probably not work on Linux.
SergeantG 6 jul 2013 om 10:24vm 
AFAIK Unreal Engine 4 has OpenGL/Linux support. UE3 doesn't - there was only port of UT3 by Ryan 'Icculus' Gordon & in December 2012 he ported UE3 game Dungeon Defenders to Linux.
BluBeeGames  [ontwikkelaar] 6 jul 2013 om 8:25nm 
guyf2010 is right. The game is currently only runs on Windows and Mac.
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KKKKK 7 jul 2013 om 12:07vm 
Gwynbleidd 7 jul 2013 om 3:09vm 
Aletion 7 jul 2013 om 9:54nm 
I hope more games be compatible with linux soon
warb 7 jul 2013 om 10:08nm 
Xofs: Project C 12 jul 2013 om 1:36vm 
I'm batman
BluBeeGames  [ontwikkelaar] 16 jul 2013 om 11:24nm 
I'm H25-man! Seriously though, I really wish we could make this game available to all platforms (Not only PC and Mac but also Linux and even consoles like Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One).
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