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Satellite Reign
collinfuerst1 2013. szept. 1. @ du. 6:58
will there be updates
i doent know i would like all of the promiss but i doent know your going to get it on time so updates??
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Feran 2013. szept. 2. @ du. 2:12 
I would so its going to be a while if you look at the comments section on their kickstarter page, their only really in a pre alpha stage with a 5 man team
Kikko going 2 Russia brb 1 week 2013. szept. 3. @ de. 4:16 
collinfuerst1 2013. szept. 5. @ de. 3:57 
damit i want coop but i doent think the kick starts enougth
Feran 2013. szept. 5. @ de. 9:52 
I think coop is some way off to be honest, there still getting funds from paypal through so you never know
collinfuerst1 2013. szept. 9. @ du. 5:27 
but will add coop later on if the funds doent reach
collinfuerst1 2013. szept. 13. @ du. 4:47 
so no updates that sucks i was going to buy it for a friend and me to play o well
Feran 2013. szept. 14. @ de. 3:05 
collinfuerst1 probally going to be a while before you can buy it, they have only really just started developement, you can still buy into alpha or beta though. If you want baring in mind though alpha & beta stages wont be the finished item.
collinfuerst1 2013. szept. 14. @ de. 3:06 
collinfuerst1 2013. szept. 14. @ de. 3:08 
i was just asking if we doent reach the goal will there be multiplayer
Feran 2013. szept. 14. @ de. 3:18 
theres still time to reach multiplayer goal.. theres not been that much info on it though other than, they are interested in putting it in.
collinfuerst1 2013. szept. 14. @ de. 7:04 
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