Tämä peli on nyt saatavilla Steamissä!

Kiitos, että autoit tätä peliä pääsemään Steamiin! Lisätietoja sekä linkin kauppasivulle löydät alta.

Greenlight poistuu käytöstä. Saat lisätietoja pelien lähettämisestä Steamille tästä blogipostauksesta.
Satellite Reign
Any chance of a Demo?
I'm sure everyone else wants one too :)
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Alessio 4. heinä, 2013 18.24 
It would be nice.
MadFergy 4. heinä, 2013 19.07 
I hope so too.
W I L L 4. heinä, 2013 19.31 
i hope too
zAAz 4. heinä, 2013 20.15 
i hope too
I hope too
I hope so, too.
We need to check it out. Please make a demo. Gameplay is critical for this genre.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on rx7t3_gio; 7. heinä, 2013 4.18
im interested, but i'd like to see a demo of some sort. ill follow it for the time being
Sorry guys, a demo is pretty much out of the question, no kickstarter has the luxury of developing that far in to release one before funding. But we will likely get some very early gameplay videos down the road.
Soon as you can get a demo... i'll make sure EVERYONE knows!
I want a demo. :)
elyksias 12. heinä, 2013 15.43 
Can't wait!
okay a demo would be nice
Sara 13. heinä, 2013 10.16 
A demo would be nice, but game play videos are also always welcome :)
Zarmon 14. heinä, 2013 1.00 
I wouldn't say no to a demo
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