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Lacuna Passage
Popper 2 lipca 2013 o 5:54
I am from Russia. For me the crucial issue of adaptation in my native language. Which languages ​​are scheduled to release this game?
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xOR10Nx  [autor] 2 lipca 2013 o 7:12 
Right now we can't promise any translations besides English. If at a future date we confirm additional translations the greenlight page will be updated. I invite you to become a follower of the page so that you can be informed if that happens. Thanks.
Akbar 3 lipca 2013 o 4:08 
And french ? It's more important. ;-)
Druthix888 3 lipca 2013 o 9:04 
i know that this question will be less important than the other languages you have to translate too, but are you planning on make a US and a UK version of english?
xOR10Nx  [autor] 3 lipca 2013 o 11:33 
A UK version of English is possible, but we don't have plans right now.
Amateur 8 lipca 2013 o 5:01 
Thanks for the interesting game idea.
Feel free to contact me if you need a translator to Russian :)
(have already subscribed to the main page and voted up)
Eleutheros 8 lipca 2013 o 7:17 
Portuguese pls
benzin.a95 25 sierpnia 2013 o 14:28 
Russian! Russians everywhere! :)
Cahel 26 sierpnia 2013 o 6:00 
spanish please!
[LoOk]-FR-syphonQ 28 sierpnia 2013 o 17:21 
And french ? It's more important. ;-)

i follow if you add translation ^^
iThunder 10 września 2013 o 9:51 
Portuguese !!! BR
Akbar 10 września 2013 o 9:54 
And french ? It's more important. ;-)

i follow if you add translation ^^

Easy easy ! ;) No, my english is bad.
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